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Julia Caron

Bringing military history in Lévis to life

CampMilitaire1893.jpgWhen you stroll by rue du Mémorial in Lévis today, the vast public park may easily be mistaken for a simple lovely green space, with a nice fountain and some memorial statues. But the park has a storied past, one that reminds us of the days of military strategy and adventure. This weekend, a special event hopes to transport you back to the days of the military camp, from the Battle of the Plains of Abraham, to the Second World War. Julia Caron met with one of the volunteers spearheading la Renaissance du Camp Lauzon, Richard Garon. Listen here.

Limoiloup rises from the ashes to grant wishes

Limoiloup web.jpg
Back in January, we first met the Limoiloup: a taxidermied wolf known to all those who stroll down 3e avenue in the Quebec City neighbourhood of Limoilou. It was a familiar sight in the storefront window of Fourrures Falardeau, but when that building was destroyed by fire in January, the wolf was left to roam the streets and find a new home. Our Julia Caron tells us who has helped bring the Limoiloup back to health. Listen here.

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Animated NFB classics, Frame x Frame

NFB 003.JPGCanada's cultural landscape would not be the same without the National Film Board's animated films... from Norman McLaren's innovative experimental short films, to childhood classics like the Cat Came Back and the Log Driver's Waltz. Over the course of its 75 year history, the animation team at the NFB forged many memories for a whole lot of people. Julia Caron stopped by the Musée de la Civilization to drawing back the curtain on some of these classics. It's all part of a new exhibit called Frame by Frame, which runs until August 23, 2015. Listen here