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Cultivating vegetables and community ties in Lennoxville

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The town of Lennoxville is host to the first North American chapter of Foundations For Farming.
It originated in Zimbabwe, and its mission is to teach and empower people to cultivate in a sustainable way, while building solid connections within the community. 

Holly Bailey met with director Steve Lilford s well as participants Isaiah Nkunda and Saduni Bazotunga, from Rwanda and Burundi. Listen here. 

Connecting new Quebecers through sport

Several recent studies have cited sport as a key driver of integration for immigrants, especially school-age immigrants. But that's not surprising to Motivaction Jeunesse, which has been operating on that assumption for more than a decade. They recently finished a six-day-long cycling trip around Lac St-Jean with 60 youth and 12 adults. For most of the youth participants, it was their first time in a rural area. For many, it was a life-changing experience. Listen here. 

Refugee claimants access to health care

Being stuck in a foreign country with no health care is a scary reality for some refugee claimants. The federal government declared in 2012 that refugee claimants waiting for a decision could only receive healthcare if they posed a threat to public health. Earlier this month, a federal court ruled against the cuts, calling them inhumane. Dr. Isabelle Leblanc is president of Médécins québécois pour le régime public, and talks about the impact of these changes. Listen here.