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11-year-old girl joins Nishiyuu walk to Ottawa

Abby Masty (photo courtesy of Nishiyuu facebook page)Abby Masty is on a journey that few people her age will ever take. The 11-year-old left Chisasibi earlier this week to join other Cree youth on a walk to Ottawa, more than 1300 kilometres away.

It's been three weeks since the original seven walkers set out from Whapmagoostui. The Nishiyuu walk - or walk of the Cree people - is meant to lend support to the Idle No More movement and draw attention to Cree culture and environmental issues.

The walkers have drawn attention from around the world, earning themselves 23 000 facebook followers.

Abby's mother Rita Masty talks to Susan about why her daughter wanted to do the walk, and why she wanted her to go.

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