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Bringing military history in Lévis to life

CampMilitaire1893.jpgWhen you stroll by rue du Mémorial in Lévis today, the vast public park may easily be mistaken for a simple lovely green space, with a nice fountain and some memorial statues. But the park has a storied past, one that reminds us of the days of military strategy and adventure. This weekend, a special event hopes to transport you back to the days of the military camp, from the Battle of the Plains of Abraham, to the Second World War. Julia Caron met with one of the volunteers spearheading la Renaissance du Camp Lauzon, Richard Garon. Listen here.

William Stone's Leg

Imagine having to suffer through surgery without any anesthetic... that was the reality for many Canadians before a doctor from Sherbrooke came along a little more than a century ago. A group of Townshippers are getting together to tell that story this weekend. Our Townships reporter Alison Brunette brings us a sneak peek.
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William Stone's Leg is being performed at the Sawyerville Community Centre this weekend. Both Saturday shows are sold out, but it's back by popular demand for a third showing on Sunday at 7:30 pm. For tickets, contact Pat Boychuk, 819-875-3182 or by email: Tickets are eight dollars.

Books from Hell

The Seminaire de Quebec is a treasure-trove for history lovers and archivists to find out more about the history of the colony. It also holds the key to some information that the Church wanted to keep a secret.

Although the Seminary's library possessed hundreds of thousands of books accessible to its students and priests, many were deemed unreadable, and were labelled with the word "enfer." 

Now, these devilish treasures are being shown to the public in an exhibit at the Musée de l'Amérique francophone. Archivist Pierrette Lafond gave our Julia Page a tour. 
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