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Driver's licence revoked for use of medical marijuana man from Trois-Rivières who uses medicinal marijuana has appealed to Quebec's Administrative Tribunal to have his driver's license reinstated.

It was revoked by Quebec's Automobile Insurance Board in 2011. Dany William Provencher had been receiving compensation from the SAAQ for head injuries sustained in two separate car accidents.

As a result of those injuries, he also received a prescription for the medicinal use of marijuana. Provencher then contacted the SAAQ himself, thinking the costs of this prescription could be reimbursed. Instead, his license was taken away.

Advocates for the use of medicinal marijuana, such as the Montreal Compassion Center, believe this decision is an unfair and discriminatory measure. Marc Boris St-Maurice is the Director at the Montreal Compassion Center, a not-for-profit organization that distributes medicinal cannabis. We reached him in Montreal this morning. We also spoke to the SAAQ's medical advisor on road safety Dr. Jamie Dow. 

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