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First Nations

Authentic voyageurs stop by Quebec AM

20140808_083051.jpgAmong the founders and builders being honoured this year at Quebec City's "Fêtes de la Nouvelle-France" are the voyageurs. We met Christian Pilon and Jay Bailey, for whom sleeping under the stars and travelling in birchbark canoes is not a week-end getaway, but a way of life. Listen here. 

Reviving the Wendat language

20140807_075131.jpgAndrée Levesque-Sioui is a teacher and musician from the Huron-Wendat community of Wendake. She's at the forefront of a recent movement to bring the Wendat language back to life. She tells us the motivation behind the Yawenda Project.

Ottawa under fire for fighting Aboriginal claims

Former UN special rapporteur James Anaya called attention the Canadian government's "adversarial approach" when it comes to Aboriginal and Treaty rights back in 2013. Now, NDP MP Romeo Saganash is trying to find out exactly how much money is being spent in that "adversarial" spirit. He joins our host Shawn Lyons to talk about what steps he has taken so far, and why he is taking his concerns to the Auditor General. Listen here.