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Red Dust

Quebec Environment department confirms source of dust

Complaints from residents of the Limoilou area of Quebec City about dust being blown into their neighbourhood from the Port of Quebec have been confirmed. The Environment Ministry says the stevedoring company, Arrimage Québec, is responsible. Limoilou resident Véronique Lalande was the first to signal the problem last fall, and is now the spokesperson for the Citizens' Initiative organization.
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Arrimage Quebec opens doors to clear the air

After months of accusations that it's responsible for the episodes of dust falling over parts of Quebec City, the Port of Quebec stevedoring company is taking a series of steps to keep things under better control. Today, the company is opening up its installations for a media tour. We reached Johanne Lapointe, vice-president of public affairs for Arrimage Québec, to find out more.
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Arrimage du Saint-Laurent on red dust in Quebec City

Arrimage du Saint-Laurent, a stevedoring company located in the Port of Quebec, stands accused of poorly handling the loading and off-loading of cargo, leading to red dust showering parts of the city. Not fair, the company says. We'll find out what it's doing to minimize the dust fall-out.
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