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Environment: October 2013 Archives

Emergency response to disasters in Gulf of St. Lawrence

In the event of an oil spill in the Gulf of St. Lawrence, who are you going to call? The Environment ministry of Quebec? New Brunswick? PEI? Newfoundland? The federal government? That's just one of the problems scientists pinpointed this week as they discussed what would happen in the event of an oil spill. Scientists from around the world at the Ocean Innovation Conference in Rimouski are trying to tackle that question.

Émilien Pelletier holds the Canada Research Chair in Marine Ecotoxicology at the Université du Québec in Rimouski, and he joins us this morning.
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Rabaska project dead

It's been a decade since a controversial proposal to build a liquefied natural gas terminal near Lévis was first raised. Yesterday, the Environment minister Yves-François Blanchet declared the project dead. 

André L'Ecuyer is president of the Rabaska consortium, made up of Gaz Métro, Enbridge, and Gaz de France. He joined us in studio with reaction to the minister's announcement.

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Proposed fertilizer plant before BAPE hearings

becancour.gifTwo co-ops joined forces last year in the hopes of bringing an ambitious new project to Bécancour. The Quebec government has already promised $1.2 billion to this proposed fertilizer production facility.

Prior to being given the official go ahead, though, the project must go before the province's environmental review board (BAPE).

Among those presenting their concerns at those hearings is Equiterre. Their executive director Sidney Ribaux joined us to explain what they'll be presenting this afternoon.
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