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Environmental groups oppose reversal of the 9b Enbridge pipeline fearing its rupture coalition of environmental groups says the plan by Enbridge to reverse the flow of oil in its pipeline may cause an oil spill. The existing 9-B pipeline carries crude oil from Montreal -- westbound to just past Toronto.

If the proposal is approved, the oil would flow the other way, so that Alberta oil and bitumen could make its way to Eastern Canada and the U.S. But, a pipeline safety evaluation carried out for environmental organizations determined that within a few years of the reversal, cracking and corrosion of the pipeline would cause a rupture. If a rupture does happen, those evaluations say Enbridge's emergency response plans are inadequate.

Consultations on the pipeline wrapped up last week. Adam Scott joined us this morning. He is a manager with Environmental Defence, one of the official interveners at the pipeline consultations.