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Environment: May 2013 Archives

High school students raise trout to help promote ecological diversity

Sarah_Rogers_cbc_trout_release.jpgStudents at Richmond regional high school are lending a helping hand to the St. Francis river.

Students in the school's pre-work program are helping to clean up and beautify a stretch of river that's close to home with fish.

Our Sarah Rogers met the students along the riverbank in Richmond, where they were unloading bags filled with 200 baby speckled trout.

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Leatherback turtles making their way to the Saint-Lawrence Gulf

Shirley BahadurAssociated Press-CBC.jpgCanada is known across the world for its wildlife; bears, wolves, beavers and moose. But, one creature has been around several million years, and many don't even know it's here. Leatherback turtles can travel distances of up to 6 000 kilometers, between their breeding and feeding areas, which brings them right here to the Saint-Lawrence Gulf.

Researchers have been working hard to better understand this jurassic reptile. To learn more, we reached sea turtle biologist for Fisheries and Oceans Canada, Mike James. He joined us on the line from Halifax.


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Endangered species list could harm Atlantic salmon population the past 20 years, the Atlantic salmon population has been in critical decline. Ottawa wants to take matters into its own hands and add the species to its endangered list. But, according to the Quebec Atlantic salmon federation, adding Atlantic salmon to the list of Canada's endangered species is not a good thing.

Yvon Côté is a biologist and member of the Federation.

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