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Environment: December 2012 Archives

Arrimage du Saint-Laurent on red dust in Quebec City

Arrimage du Saint-Laurent, a stevedoring company located in the Port of Quebec, stands accused of poorly handling the loading and off-loading of cargo, leading to red dust showering parts of the city. Not fair, the company says. We'll find out what it's doing to minimize the dust fall-out.
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Tursujuq Park is Quebec's newest provincial park

tursujuq.jpgA new provincial park comes to life today on the shores of Hudson Bay. It's called the Tursujuq Park, straddling the boreal forest and the tundra, and 18 times the size of the Mont Tremblant Park.

The park has been in the works for years, and the Mayor of the village, Charlie Tooktoo, tells Quebec AM's Glenn Wanamaker that he is very satisfied. We also hear from The Canadian Parks and Wilderness Society, who pushed hard for the creation of the park. Patrick Nadeau is the executive director for the Quebec Region.
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