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Proposed floating liquidied gas terminal on St.Lawrence River

T_FLNG_Render_Hoegh03.jpgA Norwegian company wants to convince the Quebec governement that a floating liquified natural gas terminal near Sept-Îles could provide a cheaper and cleaner energy source to the region's industries, replacing diesel.

The chief executive officer of Höegh F-LNG, Øivin Iversen, explains how it works and why he thinks it's a good option.


Potton moves forward with controversial project

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The municipality of Potton has just voted to add a ''conditional usage'' to a private property beside a large nature reserve and land trust. It will allow for two motorized sporting events to take place there every year. Mayor Louis Veillon and Frédéric Allali, a member of the group ''Les Amis des Montagnes Vertes'',  explain their take on the controversial project. Listen here.

Junex's pilot project for shale gas exploration

Four years after shale gas exploration in the St. Lawrence River valley came to a screeching halt, there are definite signs of renewed interest. The government's environmental review board, the BAPE, has just completed public hearings and will file recommendations by the end of the year.

Quebec exploration company Junex presented its ideas last week. President Peter Dorrins explains their pilot project meant to demonstrate that drilling for shale gas can be done properly.