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Increase in school fees challenge for families

It's back to school today for many students across the province - and some parents say an increase in school fees is leaving them strapped for cash this year. Our Townships Reporter Alison Brunette joins us for a look at how one Sherbrooke family is affected. Listen here.

Sharing memories of Bonaventure Polyvalent

Dust off those yearbooks, and get nostalgic: what are some of your most cherished high school memories? Is there one you'd want shared with all former staff and students, if your high school closed its doors for good? Alice Campbell-Dell, principal of Bonaventure Polyvalent, tells Susan about their hunt for former staff and student's memories of the school.
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If you have a memory you'd like to share of Bonaventure Polyvalent, email it to
If you want to indulge your radio-star side as well, and want to share your memories with us, you can always call in to our talkback line: 1-888-691-3476.

Cooking up confidence at Knowlton Bistro

Knowlton Academy.JPGSome students at Knowlton Academy are putting down their pencils to learn the ins and outs of food and beverage industry. Our Townships Reporter Alison Brunette stopped by the Knowlton Bistro for a taste of what's being taught. 

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