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Eastern Townships: March 2014 Archives

Emprisoned in the Eastern Townships

Koch.JPGIn the 1940's, hundreds of European Jews were held in an internment camp in Sherbrooke. Considered 'enemy aliens', they were emprisoned in a converted meat factory. The CBC's Alison Brunette met with a former POW, Eric Koch, at Sherbrooke's Historical Society to find out more about this little known part of the Townships' past.

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Bishop's University students on their right to vote

student1.JPGThe students at Bishop's University are getting ready to vote along with the rest of the province. Recent claims by political parties have fostered a flurry of emotions on campus, ranging from anger to ambivalence. CBC's Holly Bailey visited the campus to find out more. 

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Veiled like me

A group of women in the Eastern Townships have conducted a social experiment to find out how people would react to them wearing a hijab. The project was instigated by Rachel Garber, a writer for the Sherbrooke Record. We hear from her, and one of the participants, Geneviève Pinard-Prévost. 
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