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Eastern Townships: December 2013 Archives

Winter fun at Parc du Mont Hatley

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Residents of Hatley and the surrounding regions are once again taking advantage of their long loved mountain, formerly known as Montjoye. The original recreation center located in the township of Hatley welcomed skiers for some 60 years. It is once again open for business after undergoing a total re-invention. The new owner Martin Gemme has christened the etablishment Parc du Mont Hatley, and now offers winter tubing and sliding. Our CBC reporter Holly Bailey went out on the trails yesterday to capture some of the fun.
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Talking Turkey in the Townships

RJG13 1215 TurksnGordons 081.jpgEating turkey is a tradition during the holidays. But what about feeding turkeys? That's what Gaelise Renny and her husband Gordon are doing in St. Armand in the Eastern Townships. They tell us about the birdfeeder in their backyard that has attracted a new kind of fowl to their doorstep.
We also speak with Robert Galbraith, an avid birdwatcher and self-taught naturalist, who joined us on the line from his home in Philipsburg to explore what might be behind the influx of turkey.
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Je Veux Savoir

There's a pilot project to make those demands even more efficient, and to put pressure on the government to answer them. It's called Je Veux Savoir. Jonathan Brun is one of the creators and joined us on the line from Magog to tell us more. 
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