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Petrolia wants liquefied petroleum gel as fracking fluid, instead of water president of Petrolia, André Proulx, raised eyebrows in recent days when he talked about using a different fracking technology in its drilling for oil on Anticosti Island. The method involves using liquefied petroleum gel as the fracking fluid, instead of water.

André Proulx says this technique would solve two big problems. He says fracking with a propane gel would be more effective in getting the oil out of the rock and that it would also be better environmentally than using water, especially on Anticosti, where there would not be any water treatment facility.

The technology was developed in Canada, by the Calgary-based company, GasFrac Energy. It's been used in New Brunswick, on a natural gas field developed by Corridor Resources. Corridor is Petrolia's partner on Anticosti Island. We spoke with Eric Tudor, a chemical engineer who works with GasFrac in Houston, Texas.

The first voice you will hear is that of Petrolia's André Proulx.

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