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The Sower


Sowing seeds - and ideas - in the picturesque Lower St. Lawrence region of Quebec. That's the subject of a new documentary called Le Semeur. The documentary is centered around Patrice Fortier, a man who has dedicated his life to preserving heritage seeds, and whose dedication to this very careful kind of cultivating has garnered him comparisons to a monk. Director Julie Perron tells Susan how working on the film has helped her see the garden as a metaphor for the world. 

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Anticosti: La chasse au pétrole extrême

dominicchampagne.jpgFilm and stage director Dominic Champagne is no stranger to public debates over environmental debates. He was publicly involved during the debate over shale gas. This time, he's behind the camera, on Anticosti Island, to capture the essence of a place that's destined to change, from untouched natural beauty to the oil capital of Quebec. He joined me in studio to talk about Anticosti: La chasse au pétrole extrême.

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You can see the trailer for the documentary here.

Vann "the Piano Man" Walls

Vann-Piano-Man-Walls-1.jpgSherbrooke's International Film Festival begins today. Among the selection of films is Vann "Piano Man" Walls. It documents the life and music career of this talented blues musician, whose life began in abject poverty in the South, and whose career saw many ups and downs... the documentary about his life explores his connections to the Montreal Jazz scene. Steven Morris, director of documentary, tells us more.

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