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Charter of Quebec Values

Long-lasting impact of proposed Charter of Values

The Marois government is out, and along with it, its proposed charter of values. While its most controversial provisions will never become law, the whole debate has left a mark. Rémi Bourget helped create Québec Inclusif, a non-partisan group opposed to the Charter. He joins us for a look at how it might change how we deal with diversity.

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Confronting Islamophobia in the Townships

Some members of Sherbrooke's Muslim community say a recent act of vandalism has shaken their sense of security. Our Townships reporter Alison Brunette has been speaking with some of them.
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Doctor who wears the hijab weighs impact of charter

The vast majority of Quebec's medical residents don't wear visible religious symbols... but how will the proposed charter affect those who do? Meet Dr. Khadijah Taseen, who is finishing up her residency in pediatrics at the University of Sherbrooke, and who also wears the hijab. She tells us what she thinks about the potential impact of the proposed charter.
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