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Jeans and bike companies in Beauce react to budget

Jacob Wazana.jpgThe Beauce is a region that is build on the ingenuity and willpower of entrepreneurs. The new provincial budget includes new measures for small and medium sized manufacturing companies. Marika Wheeler headed to the Beauce to find out what a jeans company and a bike company think of the changes. Listen here.

Recyc-RPM challenges Quebec recycling industry

Recyc-RPM is the oldest plastic recycling company in Quebec, and it's on the verge of bankruptcy. The owners have had to fire 90 employees, and they're  asking the government to step in. Jean-Yves Bâcle is the Vice-President for Sales and Marketing, and he tells us why the company says Quebec's current recycling programs, should be put out to the curb.  Listen here.

Robby Johnson: the Beauceron's big break

This is no hurtin' love story. It's the story of how Robby Johnson, aka Sylvain Robitaille from St. Georges-de-Beauce, became a Nashville country music singer almost overnight, with a first album due out next month. He joined Susan in studio to tell us more about how a boy's dreams from small-town Quebec have come to be a reality.
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