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Future wishes for Baie des Chaleurs residents

Our Living English series is winding down. Over the past six weeks or so, we have brought you stories reflecting the experiences of anglophones in different parts of the province.
We began our series along the Baie des Chaleurs, and so it seems fitting to end our series there as well.

We held a forum in Cascapedia St Jules on January 30th where we asked a very big question: how can we ensure a vibrant future for Anglophones living along the Baie des Chaleurs?

Our panelists included: Gilles Gagne (a journalist with the Gaspe Spec), Catherine Johnson (the director general for the Gesgepegiac First Nation), Howard Miller (director of the Eastern Shores School Board), Jennifer Hayes (farmer, blogger and a revitilzation agent) and Norman Desjardins (retired teacher and a professional artist).

At the end of the forum, our final question was the following: What would your wish be for the region, ten years from now? The first voice you hear is that of Norman Desjardins.  

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