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Manif d'Art 7: Resistance

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You may have noticed bright white posters plastered around town, with a giant red X and the word "RESISTANCE" written across it. It's all part of la Manif d'Art 7, Quebec City's biennale. Our Julia Caron has been taking it all in throughout the month of May, and joined host Susan Campbell in studio for an overview of what we can take in. Listen here.

As mentioned, the curator of this edition is Vicky Chainey Gagnon. Pictured left Espace 400e, Chainey Gagnon discusses the impetus for exploring the intersection of art and resistance. Listen here.

Artist Interviews:

Montreal-based artist Dominique Blain tells Julia Caron about her works on display as part of la Manif. Blancs de mémoire (à Georges Anglade) is on display at le Musée de la Civilisation. Visit Espace 400e for a look at La République, a piece Blain created in 1990, juxtaposed with some of her more recent works. Listen here.

Nadia Myre's piece For Those Who Cannot Speak... is on display at le Musée de la Civilisation. She tells Julia about why resistance is an integral part of her artistic practice, and also discusses how her work fits nicely with Rebecca Belmore's video installation. Listen here. (For more on Nadia's work that was on display in the Gaspé, listen to this interview from November 8, 2013)

Someone took Guy Debord's Society of the spectacle literally! Artist Alain-Martin Richard's work, The building I live in is an interactive manoeuvre. Sensors are located in apartments a downtown Quebec City apartment building, and depending on how and where the people living in those apartments move, a corresponding word lights up in the gallery space of Espace 400e... writing a sentence from Guy Debord's Society of the Spectacle. He told Julia how the idea came about, listen here. (This is an excerpt from a longer interview which originally aired March 30, 2014)

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