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Meet the artists behind Mois Multi 15 installations

Thumbnail image for DSCF8752.JPGOver the course of the month of February, Quebec City's Complex Méduse comes alive with cutting edge multi-media art under the banner of Mois Multi. As of February 14th, art installations are unveiled and made accessible to the public. Our Julia Caron stopped by to check them out, and will bring us some of the sights and sounds on the show over the next week.

We begin with a visual installation created by Detroit-based artists Annica Cuppetelli and Cristobal Mendoza. Annica and Cris explain how both rigorous research and playful fun were key to creating Notional Field (Quebec City) 

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Diane Obomsawin takes you into the forest at la Bande Video with La Forêt. Visit our Facebook page for photos.
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robynoody.jpgWhat would an old pump organ, paired with 88 dancing flourescent lights, sound like? Stop by VU's gallery space to find out, or press play to hear to Robyn Moody discuss his installation "Wave Interference."
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Meriol Lehmann discusses Patrick Bernatchez's installation, 77k, 1er, 2e, 3e mouvement
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These are just four of the 9 installations that are ongoing during the Mois Multi. They are all free of charge. For all the details on when and where you can see them, visit the "Installations" section of the Mois Multi website here.