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Revisiting Quebec in "1987"

1987.jpgSurviving your teenage years is rarely an easy thing to do. Doing it in Quebec in the 1980s adds a whole new level of kitsch. Director Ricardo Trogdi is releasing the second of his autobiographical films set in the era of bad perms and pastel coloured polo shirts. Jean-Carl Boucher is the actor who plays the lead role of Ricardo in the new film 1987. He joined Susan in studio to talk all things hair metal. Listen here.

The fate of the Musée National des Beaux-Arts du Québec

After budget shortfalls in the spring, the Musée National des Beaux Arts du Québec was confronted with even more cuts with last month's provincial budget. It has some asking whether or not Quebec's national museum of fine arts can continue to fulfill its mandate. One of the co-authors of the letter is Dominic Hardy. He's an art historian and professor at UQAM, and he has also spent nearly 20 years working in museums in Ontario and Quebec. Listen here.

Quebec City band Mauves in studio

mauves.jpg"We're a real band now." That's how the members of Mauves reacted when they heard they'd be performing at the Francofolies in Montreal this year. And even though they sing songs about Montreal, in many ways they are a quintessentially Quebec City band. Cédric, Alexandre and Jean-Christophe joined Susan in studio on a rainy Friday morning to talk about growing up musically, and where they're off to next. Listen here.