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Abou Fofana

Abou Fofana's status pending

Abou Fofana was scheduled to be deported this morning, after his bid for refugee status was denied by Citizenship and Immigration Canada. It considers Fofana a war criminal, because he collected tolls at a checkpoint for the Rebel Group Forces Nouvelles in the Ivory Coast.

His flight was finally cancelled last night, though it's not clear why this decision was taken.

He has been living in Trois-Rivières since 2008, and has a 16 month-old son. This morning we spoke to his wife, who is now pregnant with twins.

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Ivorian refugee accused of war crimes

aboutfofana-radcan.jpg Abou Fofana has called Trois-Rivières his home since 2008, shortly after he fled his home country, Ivory Coast, and applied for refugee status. He started working as a carpenter, fell in love, and started a family.

Fofana's residency status changed in 2011, when the Refugee Protection Division alleged that there were "serious reasons for considering that Mr. Fofana had committed a war crime as a member of the Force Nouvelles Rebel group." The government has been trying to deport him since.

Stewart Istvanffy represents Abou Fofana. He has worked as a refugee and human rights lawyer for over 25 years, and tells us more about this case.

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