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8th Fire

Making traditional seal skin boots in Kuujjuaq

It may be a little hot for seal skin boots in July, even in Northern Quebec. But they come in handy when the sub zero temperatures come back around in the winter.

While many women in Nunavik still make traditional parkas and mittens, the practice of making seal skin boots - or kamiks - has declined. But some women in Kuujjuaq are working hard to learn the skill, and pass it on to a new generation.

Our Ainslie MacLellan visited a class earlier this year, to learn what goes into making kamiks.

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Northern Futures: Learning a trade

Eric Lemelin fits a pipe during his plumbing and heating exam in Inukjuak. (Ainslie MacLellan)With a growing population, and the Plan Nord on the horizon, Nunavik is expected to see more new construction in the coming years. But teacher shortages in specialized programs in the North can be a barrier to young Inuit wanting to learn a trade.

As part of our Northern Futures series, Ainslie MacLellan drops in on a plumbing course at the adult education centre in Inukjuak, to hear about both the challenges and the rewards of pursuing an education in the North.

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Northern Futures: Hip hop social work in Inukjuak

Kids in Inukjuak practice hip hop dance moves (photo: Ainslie MacLellan)Blueprint For Life uses hip hop music and dance to try to get young people to open up and to talk about everything, from depression, alcohol and drug abuse, bullying and even suicide. The CBC's Ainslie MacLellan stopped by one of the group's workshops in Inukjuak.
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