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August 2014 Archives

Increase in school fees challenge for families

It's back to school today for many students across the province - and some parents say an increase in school fees is leaving them strapped for cash this year. Our Townships Reporter Alison Brunette joins us for a look at how one Sherbrooke family is affected. Listen here.

Remembering Stan Groves Sr.

The Golden Lion Pub in Lennoxville was the first Brew-Pub to open its doors in Quebec, and it helped pave the way for the dozens and dozens more which have since set up shop across this province. But the establishment wouldn't be the community gathering spot it is today without the vision of Stanley Groves and his commitment to a cold pint. He was one of the pub's founders. Stanley Groves Senior passed away last week, but his legend certainly lives on. His son, Stan Groves Junior is part owner, as well as the brewmaster at the Golden Lion Pub. Listen here.

Triathletes run in the Le Bulloch Family

Summer is winding down and with it marks the end of many seasonal sports, including the triathlon race season. 13-year-old Vanessa Le Bulloch from Magog is one of those who is kind of sad to see the season end. Vanessa and her entire family of six spend their summers training and competing in triathlons all over the province.  Our Townships reporter Alison Brunette met the Le Bulloch family to find out about about some of the pros and cons of being a triathlete. Listen here.

Lawyer calls on reform of court martial system

The military trial of Warrant Officer André Gagnon continues today in Quebec City. Gagnon is being court martialed for allegedly sexually assaulting former corporal Stéphanie Raymond. 
Raymond's lawyer, Michel Drapeau, says cases like this should not be held in a court martial, and argues the system needs to be reformed entirely. Listen here. 

Cultivating vegetables and community ties in Lennoxville

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The town of Lennoxville is host to the first North American chapter of Foundations For Farming.
It originated in Zimbabwe, and its mission is to teach and empower people to cultivate in a sustainable way, while building solid connections within the community. 

Holly Bailey met with director Steve Lilford s well as participants Isaiah Nkunda and Saduni Bazotunga, from Rwanda and Burundi. Listen here. 

Mass media and public perceptions of mental illness

The news of Robin Williams' death on Monday sent shockwaves throughout the entertainment world. A flood of media couverage has since tackled the subject of depression and suicide in a variety of ways.

Robert Whitley is a McGill University researcher who focuses on how the media shapes public perceptions, and he tells us how celebrity deaths influence the way we look at mental illness.

Demand for a public inquiry into L'Isle-Verte fire

isle-verte radio-canada.jpgThe owners of the Résidence du Havre home for the elderly in L'Isle-Verte that burned down on January 23rd 2014 are asking Premier Philippe Couillard to launch a public inquiry into what happened. Ruby Pratka was at the announcement yesterday in Quebec City and tells us why they believe there are too many unanswered questions about the fire.  

Consumers reporting higher Hydro bills with smart meters

Questions are being raised about Hydro-Québec's new smart meters because some customers have noticed that their monthly bills have increased considerably. CBC reporter Sophie Tremblay met with a few of them and spoke with us this morning.

Abitibi space enthusiasts to launch probe into upper atmosphere

A group of very passionate people in the Abitibi region hope to send a space probe into the upper atmosphere, a likely first for the region. Louis Laliberté is with the Nanikana Aerospace Club, and explains how the group will go about accomplishing this.

Authentic voyageurs stop by Quebec AM

20140808_083051.jpgAmong the founders and builders being honoured this year at Quebec City's "Fêtes de la Nouvelle-France" are the voyageurs. We met Christian Pilon and Jay Bailey, for whom sleeping under the stars and travelling in birchbark canoes is not a week-end getaway, but a way of life. Listen here. 

Sherbrooke's efforts to turn graffiti into art

photo 2.JPGThere is a fine line between vandalism and public works of art. Graffiti tagging is a well established form of expression that is often ill received, but things may be changing in Sherbrooke. Our Townships reporter Holly Bailey tells us how the city's initiative, launched three years ago, is panning out. Listen here. 

Reviving the Wendat language

20140807_075131.jpgAndrée Levesque-Sioui is a teacher and musician from the Huron-Wendat community of Wendake. She's at the forefront of a recent movement to bring the Wendat language back to life. She tells us the motivation behind the Yawenda Project.

Quebec City to host Comiccon

20140807_080446.jpgThe well-known convention for science fiction lovers Comiccon is coming to Quebec City for the first time ever. Program director Cliff Caporale tells us what's in store when the event rolls in on October 25th and 26th. Listen here.

Proposed floating liquidied gas terminal on St.Lawrence River

T_FLNG_Render_Hoegh03.jpgA Norwegian company wants to convince the Quebec governement that a floating liquified natural gas terminal near Sept-Îles could provide a cheaper and cleaner energy source to the region's industries, replacing diesel.

The chief executive officer of Höegh F-LNG, Øivin Iversen, explains how it works and why he thinks it's a good option.


"Dad" on new baby giraffe at Parc Safari

Baby giraffe and Dad Francis Lavigne.jpg

A baby giraffe was born at Parc Safari on Sunday afternoon under the watchful eye of many visitors, and it was caught on tape! The zoologist responsible for the calf's well-being, Francis Lavigne, tells us about caring for mother Bonnie and the now two-day-old calf.

Turning property into a nature reserve

A new piece of pristine land in the Eastern Townships has been places under protection, and will be conserved in perpetuity. Our CBC reporter Holly Bailey headed out to the newly designated "Zuyderland Reserve" owned by Maaike Zuyderhoff, to find out how her piece of land was turned into a nature reserve. Listen here. 

Kayaking the St. Lawrence against bullying

Bullying and harassment at school is a daily reality for thousands of children and teenagers across Canada. 
Many of them suffer in silence, afraid that they will not be taken seriously or that the bullying will get worse. 

Marco Weber wants to break that silence. To do that, he's kayaking from Montreal to Percé and talking to youth groups along the way. We reached him on Ile d'Orléans this morning. 

Happy Tails at SPA Estrie

spa-estrie.JPGBack in May, Quebec agriculture officials uncovered one of the biggest puppy mills in the province's history after finding more than 200 dogs and about a dozen cats. SPA Estrie pitched in their services to help many neglected dogs find a new start. Our Townships Reporter Holly Bailey stopped by and met with Cathy Bergeron who explains how they were successfully adopted into welcoming homes in the Townships and throughout Quebec. Listen here.