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Generations reflect on the Empress of Ireland

mw Empress.jpgOur Marika Wheeler has been in Rimouski this week, meeting some of those who are direct descendants of those who perished when the Empress of Ireland sank 100 years ago. Pictured left, Joe and Michael Saward speak with Alf Hestenes. Hestens is Thomas Anderson's grandson, the captain of the Storsted, the collier that broadsided the Empress of Ireland in 1914. The Sawards are descendants of the Henry George Kendall, the captain of the Empress. Marika Wheeler spoke with them about what this anniversary means to them. Listen here.

For all our coverage of the Empress of Ireland centenary, click here. Visit our Facebook page for more photos of this week's events, and archival photos from 1914. 

The Fairy Potters at Waterloo Elementary

Meet the Fairy Potters at Waterloo Elementary School. The pottery program started four years ago thanks to a local businessman, who donated a kiln to the school and hired a local potter to teach the kids. 

Our Townships reporter Alison Brunette met some of the enthusiastic young potters to find out more. Listen here.

The Empress of Ireland: 100 years later

100 years ago today, people on the shores of the St-Lawrence river near Rimouski were in shock. One of the worst Canadian shipwrecks had happened over night: The Empress of Ireland sank, and over a thousand people died. That wreck is being commemorated in Rimouski this week, and our Marika Wheeler is there. She brings us the stories of some of the people she met at the commemoration dinner that took place Wednesday night, and why this anniversary is so important. Listen here

Visit our Facebook page for more photos of the commemoration, and some archival photos.

Harrowing tale of love almost lost

When the Empress of Ireland sunk in the Saint Lawrence over 100 years ago, the maritime disaster embedded itself in the family trees of generations to come. Like the the Greenaway family. Their grandparents and great uncle were on board when the Empress was broadsided by a coal ship. Three sisters - Denise Reynolds, Nancy Greenaway and Laura-Jane Labate - recount their grandparents' harrowing tale. Listen here.

You can read Margaret's typewritten letter online here.

The significance of the Empress of Ireland

The people at the maritime museum in Rimouski have been hard at work for months preparing for the commemoration ceremonies for the Empress of Ireland this week. That museum -- the Site Historique Maritime de Pointe-au-Père -- was founded in the 1980's as a memorial to the sinking of the Empress. 

This 100th anniversary is obviously close to the heart of the people who work there, and it's also a chance to bring the story of the Empress to a wider audience and to underline the local connections to the tragedy. Anne-Marie Bourassa is the assistant director at the Site Historique. Listen here.

77 people forced out of their homes in Sherbrooke

140527_d400k_residence-de-la-cathedrale_g.jpg77 people in downtown Sherbrooke have just been told they have until the end of July to find new homes because their assisted living residence is being forced to close. Les Résidences de la Cathédrale is the second assisted living housing complex to be closed in the city this year, after the Maison Marquette was closed for similar reasons back in March. Our Townships Reporter Alison Brunette spoke to some of the residents, and brings us that story. Listen here.

Manif d'Art 7: Resistance

Vicky C Gagnon.JPG
You may have noticed bright white posters plastered around town, with a giant red X and the word "RESISTANCE" written across it. It's all part of la Manif d'Art 7, Quebec City's biennale. Our Julia Caron has been taking it all in throughout the month of May, and joined host Susan Campbell in studio for an overview of what we can take in. Listen here.

As mentioned, the curator of this edition is Vicky Chainey Gagnon. Pictured left Espace 400e, Chainey Gagnon discusses the impetus for exploring the intersection of art and resistance. Listen here.

Artist Interviews:

Montreal-based artist Dominique Blain tells Julia Caron about her works on display as part of la Manif. Blancs de mémoire (à Georges Anglade) is on display at le Musée de la Civilisation. Visit Espace 400e for a look at La République, a piece Blain created in 1990, juxtaposed with some of her more recent works. Listen here.

Nadia Myre's piece For Those Who Cannot Speak... is on display at le Musée de la Civilisation. She tells Julia about why resistance is an integral part of her artistic practice, and also discusses how her work fits nicely with Rebecca Belmore's video installation. Listen here. (For more on Nadia's work that was on display in the Gaspé, listen to this interview from November 8, 2013)

Someone took Guy Debord's Society of the spectacle literally! Artist Alain-Martin Richard's work, The building I live in is an interactive manoeuvre. Sensors are located in apartments a downtown Quebec City apartment building, and depending on how and where the people living in those apartments move, a corresponding word lights up in the gallery space of Espace 400e... writing a sentence from Guy Debord's Society of the Spectacle. He told Julia how the idea came about, listen here. (This is an excerpt from a longer interview which originally aired March 30, 2014)

Visit our Facebook page for more photos from la Manif d'Art 7. You can follow Julia on Twitter for more photos and details.

Running to Lac-Mégantic with a gift

When students from Mont-Saint-Sacrament high school just outside of Quebec City found out the owner of an ice cream shop in Lac-Mégantic was dreaming of building a playground for his little patrons, they decided to help him out. 86 students left their school in St-Gabriel-de-Valcartier at 6 am on a Saturday morning, and ran 273 km to hand-deliver it to him... our Marika Wheeler brings us that story. Listen here.

Family home attacked in Bury

Police are investigating a Molotov cocktail bombing that happened around 2 in the morning last Thursday in the town of Bury, in the Eastern Townships. Patricia Thibault, her husband and her two kids were sleeping when the bombs went off.

Visit ICI-Estrie's website for an interview with the family, and to see more images of the damage.

Dying with Dignity legislation

gaetan-barette-veronique-hivon.jpgThe Dying with Dignity legislation which PQ minister Véronique Hivon guided through two years of intense consultation and debate is back before the National Assembly... even though the new government is Liberal. Minister Hivon joins us to tells us why.
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Canadian Club of the Eastern Townships closes

Thumbnail image for joan.jpgIt's the end of an era as the long standing Canadian Club of the Eastern Townships closes it's doors. CBC's Holly Bailey sat down with the club's oldest member, Joan Thomson. She reflects on how the club fostered a real sense of community, and talks about what's ahead.
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Lack of dentists in Quebec's regions

If you live outside of the Quebec City, Montreal, or Townships areas, the following fac won't come as a surprise: There aren't nearly enough dentists in this province's regions. As a matter of fact, 35% of Quebec's population has no dental care at all. The province's Order of Dentists says it's time the government give the issue priority as a question of public health.

Dr. Peter White is one of those rare regional dentists, his practice is in New Richmond on the Gaspe coast. He is the vice-president of the Quebec Order of Dentists.

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Special committee on Lac-Mégantic rebuilding

In the 11 months since the train tragedy in Lac-Mégantic, much has been done to physically clean up the downtown. But there's so much more that needs to be done to repair the town's economy and its spirit. To coordinate its actions, the new Quebec government has set up a special ministerial committee. It will be coordinated by Ghislain Bolduc, the region's MNA and parliamentary secretary to the Transport minister.

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La Déraille Bike Co-Op

The snow has finally melted, the streetsweepers are out... and the roads are beckoning you to hop on our bike and get rolling. But you're going to want to make sure your ride is in tip-top shape before you hit the road. La Déraille Bike Co-Op can show you how to grease your chain. After realizing there weren't enough affordable options out there for cyclists in Sherbrooke, la Déraille Bike Co-Op was born. It aims to help people learn how to get their bicycles road-ready in a new workshop space, and give tips on people who might otherwise be intimidated by the cities' hills and traffic.

Our Townships reporter - and casual cyclist - Alison Brunette brought her bike to La Déraille to find out more about this initiative.

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Sharing memories of Bonaventure Polyvalent

Dust off those yearbooks, and get nostalgic: what are some of your most cherished high school memories? Is there one you'd want shared with all former staff and students, if your high school closed its doors for good? Alice Campbell-Dell, principal of Bonaventure Polyvalent, tells Susan about their hunt for former staff and student's memories of the school.
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If you have a memory you'd like to share of Bonaventure Polyvalent, email it to alice.dell@essb.qc.ca.
If you want to indulge your radio-star side as well, and want to share your memories with us, you can always call in to our talkback line: 1-888-691-3476.

Inquiry into deadly 1974 explosion at CFB Valcartier

Forty years after the tragic incident, there will be a formal inquiry into the deaths of six cadets at the Valcartier military base. Military ombudsman Gary Walbourne confirmed the inquiry, after getting the go-ahead from the minister of national defence. Gerry Fostaty wrote a book about the tragedy, called "As You Were: the Tragedy of Valcartier." He tells Susan what this inquiry represents.
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Long winter delays Lower North Shore fishing season

The coldest winter in 20 years has pushed back the fishing season by four weeks on the Lower North Shore. The region's fishing Association is asking the federal government to step in and support the hundreds of workers who haven't been able to get to work yet. Paul Nadeau is the Association's executive director, and tells us more.
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Sound art installations in Victoriaville

erickdorion.jpg Repurposing outdated pieces of technology, from cassette tapes to cathode-ray televisions, into captivating sound art installations. It's part of the Festival International de Musique Actuel de Victoriaville, which celebrates its 30th edition this year. The concerts are always a surefire bet, but for the past 4 years the sound art installations have started to create a draw of their own. Our Julia Caron spoke with the sound art installation's curator, Erick D'Orion, about what people can check out.

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Sherbrooke scenery you can chew on

Like the idea of growing fruits and vegetables without having to do any weeding or upkeep? Listen up. Our Townships reporter Alison Brunette met with a 'Permaculture Designer' in Sherbrooke who's turning people's yards into self-sustaining gardens. Jonathan Pineault is one of the people behind Ecomestible, and he showed Alison the work he did on Martin Poirier's lawn. 
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The Lazy Gardener on late Spring

Traditionally, the long holiday weekend coming up is the time when gardeners really get their hands dirty. This year, the weather has been playing tricks on us, so we've asked gardening expert Larry Hodgson to talk about how to best get your soil ready.
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If you want to share photos of your gardens, send us an email at quebecam@cbc.ca

Cooking up confidence at Knowlton Bistro

Knowlton Academy.JPGSome students at Knowlton Academy are putting down their pencils to learn the ins and outs of food and beverage industry. Our Townships Reporter Alison Brunette stopped by the Knowlton Bistro for a taste of what's being taught. 

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Dreaming up the best neighbourhood

limoilou6.JPGBright blue boxes in Quebec City are asking for your dreams. Our Julia Caron was surprised by these "dream boxes," and hunted down the creative minds behind them. Audrey Marchand, Josiane Bernier and Laurence P. Lafaille make up Les Incomplètes, a theatre troupe geared towards young audiences. They partnered with 1, 2, 3 Go! Limoilou and artists Pierre & Marie for their "Porte Rêves" project. Julia met with the group as they played Pied Piper to the children of Limoilou.

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Charges laid in Lac-Mégantic derailment

Criminal charges are being laid in connection with last summer's deadly train crash in Lac-Mégantic. Prosecutors announced Monday night that they are filing charges against the Montreal Maine and Atlantic Railway and three of its employees. They face 47 counts of criminal negligence causing death. Shawn Lyons joins us for a look at these major developments.

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For all our coverage of Lac-Mégantic, click here.

Lac-Mégantic: Ongoing monitoring of river contamination

According to the latest report from the ministry's expert group on the contamination of the Chaudière river, it will take a long time to clean up the oil left behind after the derailment in Lac-Mégantic. David Berryman is coordinator of the group, and a biologist with the Environment Ministry.
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For all our coverage of Lac-Mégantic, click here.

Occupy Quebec protestor successfully sues City of Quebec

occuponsquebec2011-1.jpgRemember the Occupons Quebec group that was camped at Place de l'Université du Quebec back in the fall of 2011? One of the protestors involved took the city of Quebec to court over how they dismantled the encampment, and won. André Bérubé joined us in studio for a look at what this represents.
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Rebuilding frustrations for Musi-Café owner

Musi-Cafe rendering.jpg
The Musi-Café in Lac-Mégantic is set to rebuild, but its owner Yannick Gagné says it's been a stressful frustrating process. He feels he's not getting all the help he was promised. Quebec's Travelling Journalist Marika Wheeler sat down with Yannick for a frank conversation about some of the roadblocks he has had along the way so far. She also takes a look at how the municipality has been dealing with small business community with red tape, in light of such a destructive event.
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The Sower


Sowing seeds - and ideas - in the picturesque Lower St. Lawrence region of Quebec. That's the subject of a new documentary called Le Semeur. The documentary is centered around Patrice Fortier, a man who has dedicated his life to preserving heritage seeds, and whose dedication to this very careful kind of cultivating has garnered him comparisons to a monk. Director Julie Perron tells Susan how working on the film has helped her see the garden as a metaphor for the world. 

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Neptune at fault in deadly plant explosion, CSST rules

Some answers about what caused the deadly explosion at the Neptune Technologies plant in Sherbrooke have finally come to light. Investigators who've been looking into that blast for the past 18 months have released their report.  Our Townships reporter Alison Brunette brings us a look at what may have lead to the explosion. 
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Glitz and Glamour in Gesgapegiac... for a good cause

Gesgapegiag, get ready to strut your stuff. A benefit night for the Baie des Chaleur's upcoming Relay for Life will take place this Saturday. We meet Jennifer Montgomery, one of the organizers behind the event. 
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Anticosti: La chasse au pétrole extrême

dominicchampagne.jpgFilm and stage director Dominic Champagne is no stranger to public debates over environmental debates. He was publicly involved during the debate over shale gas. This time, he's behind the camera, on Anticosti Island, to capture the essence of a place that's destined to change, from untouched natural beauty to the oil capital of Quebec. He joined me in studio to talk about Anticosti: La chasse au pétrole extrême.

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You can see the trailer for the documentary here.

Walking Schoolbus in Sutton

Encouraging kids to walk to school... with the help of a walking school bus.
Our Townships Reporter Alison Brunette headed to Sutton, and accompanied students from Sutton School on their ''walking school bus route.''

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Sherbrooke's Symphony Youth Orchestra 40 years young

Orchestre Sherbrooke.JPGSherbrooke's Symphony Youth Orchestra is getting ready to celebrate forty years of music in a special concert on May 10th. Our Townships reporter Alison Brunette stopped by one of their rehearsals, and brings us the sounds of the musicians practicing for their upcoming anniversary concert. She joined Susan via our Sherbrooke studio to tell us more about what this anniversary represents for the young musicians.

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Orléans Express looking to reduce regional bus service

Orléans Express, Quebec's principal inter-city bus company, is seeking permission to reduce its service all the way through eastern Quebec to the Gaspé, as well as to Trois Rivières, La Tuque, Drummondville, and Thetford Mines. Barry Dumaresq of Gaspé uses the bus service often, and was alarmed by these potential changes. We spoke with him as he prepared to board a bus in Montreal.

Before these changes can come into effect, Orléans Express has to get permission from the Quebec Transport Commission. Marc-André Varin, vice-president of business development, marketing & communications with Keolis Canada, the parent company of Orléans Express explains. 
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Lac-Mégantic's Library finds a new home

dianeroy.jpgFinding new homes for businesses and services in Lac-Mégantic has been a slow process. But another big step forward: the town's Library is lending out books for the first time in 10 months. Quebec's Travelling Journalist Marika Wheeler was there to speak with the library's first lenders, and spoke to the Library's president, Diane Roy (pictured left), about what this represents for the community.


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Visit our Facebook page for more photos of the new Médiathèque Nelly Arcand. 

Listen back to Marika's conversation with Diane Roy back in July 2013 to find out more about the history of the library.

Mathematical Masterpieces by Étienne Saint-Amant

NUITS-VAPOREUSES-DE-SYLVANIE-etienne-st-amand.jpgWhen you think of visual art you might imagine paintings, sculptures, photography... but it's rare that mathematical formulas come to mind. Turns out, they can factor into visual beauty.  The Sherbrooke-based artist - and mathematician - Etienne Saint-Amant is creating amazing images using only mathematical formulas. Our Townships reporter Alison Brunette stopped by Etienne's workshop to find out more.

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Visit our Facebook page for photos of the artwork. They will be on display at the Galerie du Théatre in Magog from May 9th until June 1st. The vernissage is on Sunday, May 11th at 1 pm: Facebook event and details here.

Drawing from our Experience at Foreman Art Gallery

Joanne_Glasses_eng__500x279_.jpgAn exhibition pairing community outreach efforts with artistic interventions is on now at the Foreman Art Gallery. It's called Drawing from our Experience: Mental Health in Focus, and features drawings by Montreal-based artist Joanne Hui.

Julia Caron spoke with the exhibition's curator, Karine Di Genova, about the project. They discussed the resources available to anglophones in the Townships, and the recent shift in the art world where graphic novels are carving out their own space in museums and galleries in Quebec right now.

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The "dévernissage" is Saturday, May 3rd at the Foreman Art Gallery. Joanne Hui and Karine will be on hand from 3 to 5, along with some of the participants. Facebook event here.

Marine mammal experts concerned about Cacouna testing

cacouna_beluga_1000_300.jpgFor the past few weeks, environmental organizations and protestors have been sharing their concerns over testing being conducted by TransCanada in the Cacouna region. Fisheries and Oceans Canada says there's no need to worry about any impact on the belugas from the underwater work planned by Trans-Canada Pipeline near Cacouna. But marine mammal experts disagree. Robert Michaud from GREMM tells us why. Image left, combines information from GREMM, Parks Canada, DFO and Environment Canada. Close-up can be seen here.

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The Lost Fingers enter a World of Wonder

byron.jpgOne-hit wonders reworked and reimagined by the Lost Fingers on their new album. It's called "Wonders of the World," and features reimagined renditions of everything from "Groove is in the Heart," "Cotton Eyed-Joe" and "Venus." Get your nostalgic dancing shoes on!

Founding member Byron Mikaloff joined Susan in studio to talk about how the band itself is being reinvented as they put their spin on these old hits.

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The album is out next week, and you can catch them live at Chez l'Autre in Quebec City Monday, May 5th.

Exploring the relationship between Inuit and Cree in Kuujjuarapik/Whapmagoostui

cree-inuit-mary-meeko.jpgThe only place in Canada where two aboriginal communities live side by side is in Whapmagoostui and Kuujjuarapik. Quebec's Travelling Journalist Marika Wheeler visited the unique village, and tells us about the way life works for the Cree and the Inuit who live there. Pictured left, Mary Meeko-George. She is Inuk, and married Leonard George, a Cree man, 16 years ago. She's one of the many people Marika introduces us to in her report. Listen here:


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