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NHL vs. Bar Chez Stanley

chezstanley-small.jpgLike some of the tough guys on its hockey teams, the NHL doesn't seem to mind throwing its weight around. It's sent a legal warning lawyer to Bar Chez Stanley in Quebec City, telling the owner of the neighbourhood sports bar to get rid of its logo. Glenn Wanamaker stopped by the bar to meet with owner Pierre Cuerrier.

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Teens growing greens at Mecatina School

benjosh.jpgGrowing greens during the long white winters... in the comfort of your classroom closet. That's what students at Mécatina School in La Tabatière are doing, with the help of their science and technology teacher Chris Wong. It's called Greau, and they've been growing and selling their high quality lettuce and herbs just a few months after starting their initiative.

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MSF speaks out about violence in Central African Republic

Three staff members of Médecins Sans Frontières were killed Saturday in Central African Republic. It's just the latest example of the unrestrained violence that has been occurring for the past year -- and a warning sign, some say, of another genocide. Stephen Cornish is the executive director for Médecins Sans Frontières in Canada and he tells us more.

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The documentary Access to the Danger Zone is screening for free in Quebec City on Thursday, May 8th. Details here.

End of the road for St. Peter's Anglican Congregation

St Peter, Sherbrooke.jpgThe oldest Anglican Congregation in Sherbrooke has bid a final farewell. The Reverend Patricia Peacock has been the St. Peter's Anglican Church incumbent for the past 16 years, and tells us what this means for the community.

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Sebastien Sasseville forges on through winter run

sebinspires.jpgThree months ago, Quebec City triathlete Sebastien Sasseville started a cross-Canada run on Signal Hill in St. John's. During that time, he's been beaten back by blizzard-force winds and challenged by unplowed roads. But he's also had people jump out of their cars to come press cash into his hands, been delivered food, and had dozens of strangers take to the road to run alongside him. Three provinces in, he joins me live in studio for a look back at the odyssey so far. 


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Listen back to Susan's conversation with him as he began his journey back in January here.

New tax credit for home renovations

If you've been thinking of home renovations, now may be the time to call up a contractor. As a first order of business, the Couillard government has put in place a new tax credit for home renovations, starting now. Éric Sansoucy is an owner of Groupe S.P. Réno Urbaine in Montreal, which specializes in residential construction and renovation. He's also a vice-president of the industry's Réno-Maître program, and he tells us why.
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Tango in the streets of Quebec City

republicatanguera.jpgThe 3rd edition of Quebec Danse, a festival celebrating the art of moving your body, is underway in Quebec City. Republica Tanguera takes over the streets of St-Jean Baptiste neighbourhood this weekend. We meet one of the internationally celebrated participants, Paulina Almedia, who specializes in taking dance out of traditional spaces and into the street.

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Orford Express train season cancelled

orford_train.jpgA fire broke out in the panoramic car of the Orford Express train last night, forcing the company to cancel this summer's tourist season. Spokesperson Annie Brunelle tells us what happened.

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Quebec City best place in Canada for women

women ice.JPGA new study published by the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives suggests Quebec City is the best place to be a woman in Canada. Author Nora Loreto tells us why she moved from Ontario to Quebec City, and why she agrees with these findings.

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The Muppets meet Jesus Christ Superstar

muppets 2.JPGBishop's University student Christo Graham didn't realize how many people would want to hear his rendition of Andrew Lloyd Webber's Jesus Christ Superstar mixed with the voices of Kermit the Frog and Fozzie Bear. His self-produced album "Muppet Christ Superstar" has now been downloaded by hundreds of people around the world.

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Sherpas cancel Everest's climbing season

nepal-crowded-everest.jpgSome of the guides who help tourists climb Mount Everest have decided this climbing season is over. An avalanche killed 16 Sherpas last week, and their colleagues are calling out authorities on the poor compensation offered to victims' families. We'll hear from a climber who's been to the top of Everest and who's following what's happening in Nepal.

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Canadian municipalities satisfied with new rail safety measures

rail.jpgThe Federation of Canadian Municipalities says it is satisfied with the changes to rail safety announced yesterday by federal Transport Minister Lisa Raitt. This will include a three-year phase-out or retrofit of older tank cars that are used to transport crude oil or ethanol by rail, like the DOT-111 rail cars that exploded in the Lac-Mégantic derailment.

Pauline Quinlan is the mayor of Bromont and co-chair of the Federation of Canadian Municipalities' committee on rail safety.

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Photographer Normand Métivier documenting Townships cemeteries

normandmetivier.JPGStories from beyond the grave... Norman Métivier is a Sherbrooke-based photographer whose been studying hundreds of cemeteries in the Eastern Townships. Metivier uses infrared technology to create eerie photographs of cemeteries in the region, including long forgotten ones. This isn't simply an aesthetic project, though. Through his work, Métivier has begun to decode the history of the region's anglophone population. Our Alison Brunette tells us more.

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Ile aux Perroquets lighthouse receives Heritage designation

ileauxperroquets.jpgRecognizing Mingan's Maritime history. Parks Canada has designated the lighthouse at l'Ile aux Perroquets the very first Heritage Lighthouse in the province... but it won't be the last. They've partnered with la Corporation de l'Ile aux Perroquets, who have been hard at work renovating the historic landmark since 2012, to open it to the public. Our Julia Caron speaks with Norman Shields, manager of the Parks Canada Heritage Lighthouse Program.

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Flooding leads to exam exemptions at Bishop's University

bioshopsflooding.jpgThe end of the school year means many students are itching to get away from the books. Many already have travel plans or jobs waiting for them to help them pay for the year ahead. But this year, many final exams at Bishop's University were postponed last week due to flooding, causing concern for students. (Photo left shows flooding on April 16th, from Bishop's Facebook page)

An online petition was launched asking the university to allow students to opt-out of final exams altogether. Our Townships reporter Alison Brunette has been speaking with students at Bishop's.
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Two-time Olympic gold medalist Kaillie Humphries

She has to train like a sprinter and a weightlifter, at once. And when the Olympics come around, four years of training comes down to a mere breath of a difference between gold and silver.

We find out what motivates the brilliant and brutally strong Kaillie Humphries, two-time gold medalist in bobsleigh. She joined us in studio to talk about her past accomplishments, and what's next.
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Revisiting the Journey of Nishiyuu

The Journey of Nishiyuu was a life-changing experience not only for the handful of young Cree people who set out from their community to head towards Parliament Hill, but for the people watching around the world. Quebec's Travelling Journalist Marika Wheeler visited Whapmagoostui this spring, a year after what became known as the Journey of Nishyuu, to find out how that walk changed the lives of the people involved. 

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When a group of young Cree set out on their journey in January, on foot, ready to weather the elements like their ancestors had generations before them, few thought they'd ever reach their goal.

But they did.

After walking 1,600 kilometers, from their village of Whapmagstooui, those young men and their guide walked into Ottawa and on to Parliament Hill at the end of March. Their journey had captured the attention of people all over the world. By the time they arrived their little group had grown to nearly 300 aboriginal youth...
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The Journey of the Nishiyuu didn't only redirect the life of the young man who started it... It also prompted his nation to rethink how they use traditional healing in the modern world. We find out what it was like for the Nishiyuu walkers once they got home to the village of Whapmagstooui, where it all started.

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Visit CBC Aboriginal's website for photos and videos.

Innu of Uashat and Maliotenam come to agreement with Hydro-Québec

People in the Innu communities of Uashat and Maliotenam in Sept-Iles have ratified an agreement with Hydro-Québec. It's a first for them, and comes after two earlier unsuccessful referendums. We'll find out why the third time was successful.
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Perfecting the urban solar-powered car

The future of solar cars is being masterminded by a student at Bishop's College School. Donovan Faraoni decided to take it upon himself to find out just how efficient solar-powered cars can be in cities where light is limited because of tall buildings.

Our Townships reporter Alison Brunette tells us about an award-winning science experiment, which could hold the secret to the perfect urban solar-powered car.

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Opposition to Hydro-Québec's smart electricity meters

Hydro Quebec intends to start rolling out its smart electricity meters to the rest of the province, now that Phase 1 is almost done in Montreal. But there's still opposition to these new wireless devices, on health grounds.
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Young hockey players headed to South Korea

20140409_164221.jpgFour young hockey players from the Quebec City region leave tomorrow as part of the Canadian team participating in a hockey tournament in Pyeongchang, South Korea. 

Our Glenn Wanamaker met them as they jumped on the ice for a final practice. Pictured left, Zachary Sauvé (goalie), Jen-Hsun Poon (forward), Andrew Taylor (goalie), and Ajahn Teo-Bérubé (defenceman).
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5 for Trio jazzing up our studio

5fortrio.jpgWhat does jazz performed by three young men who grew up on metal music sound like?
The answer is: really good!
Sylvain St-Onge (guitar/vocals), Mathieu Rancourt (upright bass/vocals) Jean-Francois Gingras (drums/vocals) form Quebec City's 5 for Trio joined us in studio for a live performance.
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Sherlock Holmes on stage in Lennoxville

sherlock.JPG''The Game is Afoot'' at Alexander Galt Regional High School, as drama students there bring their own rendition of Sherlock Holmes to life on stage this weekend. Our Townships Reporter Alison Brunette stopped by one of their rehearsals to find out more.

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Sherlock Holmes is being performed tonight and tomorrow night at the Alexander Galt auditorium. Tickets are available for 9$ at Lennoxville Tri-Us on College street in Lennoxville, showtime is 8 o'clock.

Arts and Culture calendar: April 11-13th

alienes.jpgIn this week's art report, we get around. Julia Caron joins us in studio with a look at the Musée régional de Rimouski's latest exhibit, Jim des Rivières' Moths (vernissage Sunday, details here).

We also hear from artist Katia Grenier, one of the artists involved in Colis Suspect, organized by Admare in the Magdalen Islands.

In Quebec City, we hear about Folie/Culture's Aliénés de tous les pays, Unissons-nous! (Poster left, event details here). Julia mentionned photography by Pilvi Keto Valkoinen (LeBlanc) and Hrair Sarkissian, and played samples of their soundtrack.

Follow Julia on Twitter here: @cbcjulia. She shares links to the details of the events she mentions in this art report every week. You can also follow us on Facebook.

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Vann "the Piano Man" Walls

Vann-Piano-Man-Walls-1.jpgSherbrooke's International Film Festival begins today. Among the selection of films is Vann "Piano Man" Walls. It documents the life and music career of this talented blues musician, whose life began in abject poverty in the South, and whose career saw many ups and downs... the documentary about his life explores his connections to the Montreal Jazz scene. Steven Morris, director of documentary, tells us more.

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Frédéric Bastien on future of the Parti Québécois

Such a crushing defeat, and now, an unpredictable future. The Parti Québécois is looking for answers, for scapegoats, and soon a new leader. Historian and political scientist Frédéric Bastien followed the campaign closely, and weighs in on the Parti Québécois' future.
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Long-lasting impact of proposed Charter of Values

The Marois government is out, and along with it, its proposed charter of values. While its most controversial provisions will never become law, the whole debate has left a mark. Rémi Bourget helped create Québec Inclusif, a non-partisan group opposed to the Charter. He joins us for a look at how it might change how we deal with diversity.

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Quebec Votes 2014: Results in the Townships

Our Townships reporter Alison Brunette has had her ear to the ground over the course of this election campaign, taking a close look at some of the races in ridings in the region. Election night was no exception, and she shares stories from the winners and losers. 
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Riding of Sherbrooke, results here.
Riding of Saint-Francois, results here.
Riding of Richmond, results here.

You can find all our post-election coverage on our website, cbc.ca/quebecvotes.

Townships voters react

Over the course of the campaign, we heard from voters in different regions, as they expressed their hopes and preferences. This morning, we check in with them again, as they digest this unequivocal Liberal victory.

Reaction from the Townships this morning comes from Michael Smith, owner of a small family farm near Stanstead. We also hear from Eric Poirier, a Masters Student in Law at Sherbrooke University.
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Riding of Sherbrooke, results here

You can find all our post-election coverage on our website, cbc.ca/quebecvotes.

Using medical marijuana at Sherbrooke's University Hospital

Some patients at Sherbrooke's University Hospital could soon have the right to use marijuana. The Health Centre was forced to draft a policy on the use of cannabis within its walls after one palliative care patient requested permission to use the drug. That patient was former Sherbrooke Record editor and longtime marijuana advocate Charles Bury. 

Our Townships reporter Alison Brunette covered the story for us, and brings us an update.
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Jackie Summel on the House that Herman Built

Many people spend their free time envisioning their dream home... but what is that process like for someone living in an 8 by 6 foot cell in prison? American artist Jackie Summel explores that question with her intimate project Herman's House. It's on display at the Galerie des Arts Visuels in Quebec City until April 20th.
Our Julia Caron had the chance to meet with the artist, who took her on a tour of this very personal project. 
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Two books that Jackie recommends as starting points for people who want to know more about the prison industrial complex in the United States: New Jim Crow: Mass Incarceration in the Age of Colourblindness by Michelle Alexander and Are Prisons Obsolete? by Angela Davis.

Visit our Soundcloud page for a longer version of this conversation.

Bishop's University Singers inspired by Dylan

BU-Singers-Mae-Sot-2014.jpgAre you a fan of Bob Dylan? Seems like the Bishop's University Singers are, too! The choir's repertoire for their upcoming shows is made up entirely of Bob Dylan tunes.

Our Townships reporter Alison Brunette dropped in on one of the rehearsals for Inspired by Dylan, where she spoke with choir leaders Jamie Crooks and Fanny Gaudette. Hear some of their rehearsal here.

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The N'we Jinan tour in Whapmagoostui

whapmagoostui.jpgThe N'we Jinan tour is a hip-hop project for youth happening right now in the Cree communities of James Bay in northern Quebec. It's giving young people the chance to produce their own music and in some cases, affirm themselves in a really important way.

This week, the tour stopped in the most northern Cree community, Whapmagoostui. David Hodges shared this photo of the group vocal recording session on his Facebook page.

Susan Bell was there, and tells us more about the project. 

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Quebec Votes 2014: Riding Profile of Saint-François

quebec votes.jpgFor 27 years, Monique-Gagnon Tremblay held the provincial riding of Saint-François in the Eastern Townships under the Liberal banner. When she resigned in 2012, it went to the Parti Québécois, with Réjean Hébert.

Our Townships reporter Alison Brunette visited the riding during this election campaign, and spoke to some of the candidates. She also gets a sense of what voters are thinking, and what is influencing their choices.

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Training for forestry industry jobs in Lac-Saint-Jean

Guaranteed jobs in the foresty industry sound as though they would be hard to come by, but a new CEGEP program in the Lac-Saint-Jean region says that's what you'll get if you take their 1-year course. Our travelling journalist Marika Wheeler bring us the details.
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Karibu expedition in good spirits

facebook karibu nitchequon.jpgThe four members of Projet-Karibu pointed their cross-country skis north ninety-seven days ago, and haven't looked back since. They are about to cross the 55th parallel. We spoke with expedition leader Jacob Racine to find out how the crew has managed through this winter's fierce conditions.

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Quebec Votes 2014: Three smaller parties weigh in

quebec votes.jpgThe leaders of the Conservative Party of Quebec Adrien Pouliot, the Green Party's Alex Tyrrell and Option Nationale's Sol Zanetti share their thoughts on the campaign and what they believe their respective parties can bring to Quebec politics.  
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Haiku poetry contest in Lennoxville

angela_leuck.JPGAngela Leuck and Black Cat books in Lennoxville are challenging people to send in their Haiku poems before April 30th for poetry month. She explained to our Townships reporter Alison Brunette how she developed a passion for Haiku through her love of nature.  
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Quebec Votes 2014: Couillard's fight for Roberval

couillard_office.jpgPhilippe Couillard has a tough battle in front of him to win the Roberval riding in the Lac-St-Jean area, that has been a Parti Québécois stronghold for several years.

Our travelling journalist Marika Wheeler met with voters to find out if the luster of having a possible Premier as their MNA is enough to sway voters.

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