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Maneuvering the career path of Alain-Martin Richard

At the end of March, artist Alain-Martin Richard launched a book that charts his impressive career from its early days in the 1970s, to his still active international projects today.

But even people outside of the art world may be familiar with his work, even if they don't know him by name. He's the mind behind l'atopie textuelle, a collaborative art initiative that could easily be mistaken for a simple sculpture.

Our Julia Caron had the chance to sit down with Alain-Martin Richard after he presented at the Colloque Nouveaux Médias: Méthodes et Pratiques. He started by explaining the concept of "manoeuvre" he is best known for: 

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For more details on the 19-ton erratic that was dragged across the town of Amos in 1997, you can read this article by Olafur Gislason.

Helping refill food banks in the Gaspé

Local groups in the Gaspé were out gathering food and money donations in the region this week. The say more and more people depend on food banks, and stocks are running low. Susan speaks with André Legault. He's part of a local organization who says the Federal Government's Employment Insurance reform is to blame.

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Emprisoned in the Eastern Townships

Koch.JPGIn the 1940's, hundreds of European Jews were held in an internment camp in Sherbrooke. Considered 'enemy aliens', they were emprisoned in a converted meat factory. The CBC's Alison Brunette met with a former POW, Eric Koch, at Sherbrooke's Historical Society to find out more about this little known part of the Townships' past.

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Pierre Tardif, traditional sign painter

Quebec City's Pierre Tardif found his passion early on in life, and he's among the few who have found a way to carve out a niche for it. He's a traditional sign painter, using the stroke of a brush to evoke eras of the past. 

Looking for a logo for your band that plays tunes from the 1950s? Call up Pierre. Want gold leaf detailing on your steam engine firetruck from the 1870s? He's your man.

Our Julia Caron stopped by his workshop to find out more about the not so long lost art of sign painting. 
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Quebec Votes 2014: Amir Khadir

AmirKhadir.jpgSince the start of the election, Québec Solidaire has been chipping away on the left side of the Parti Québécois flank, hoping to win over supporters unhappy with the PQ's drift to the right. To help us get a sense of the party's campaign so far, we're joined in studio with the man who became Québec Solidaire's first MNA - Amir Khadir. 
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Gas shortages in Chevery

You don't want to run out of Gas in Chevery on the Lower North Shore. If you do, you've got to go to the next town over, which is 20 kilometers away. It's a problem many want the next government fix. Marika Wheeler was in Chevery last week, and she joins us this morning to talk about the gas issue.


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Bishop's University students on their right to vote

student1.JPGThe students at Bishop's University are getting ready to vote along with the rest of the province. Recent claims by political parties have fostered a flurry of emotions on campus, ranging from anger to ambivalence. CBC's Holly Bailey visited the campus to find out more. 

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Envisioning the future of the Lower North Shore

Each year, community leaders for the Lower North Shore gather to talk about the issues for people living on the coast. That Coasters' Association meeting was held in St-Augustine on Saturday, and the future of the coast was a hot topic.

Our travelling journalist Marika Wheeler was on the coast most of last week, and she was at that meeting on Saturday. She joined us in studio to tell us what concerns people had on their minds. We hear from Cornella Maurice, Dale Keats, Garland Nadeau, Kimberly Buffitt and Vicky Driscoll. 
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Quebec Votes 2014: François Legault


The Coalition Avenir Quebec is still good third in voting polls. I sat down with leader François Legault and had a chance to hear his vision of being "the third wheel"- which he thinks is long over-due for a Quebec that needs to look at its economy, first and foremost.

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Quebec Votes 2014: Philippe Couillard

couillard 2.JPGFor Quebec AM's first one-on-one interview with the party leaders of this election campaign, Susan Campbell speaks with Liberal party leader Philippe Couillard who is running in Roberval, a large riding around much of Lac St-Jean which includes the towns of St-Félicien, Dolbeau-Mistassini, and Roberval.

He answers some questions from our listeners on health, education, jobs, the Charter, and drilling for oil in Anticosti.

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Quebec Votes 2014: Economy

og.jpgIf you put aside the Charter and sovereignty, the big issue in this election campaign is supposed to be the economy. In this panel discussion, we tackle questions about taxes, jobs, government investment in big industry, the social economy -- and we'll ask: where's the optimism? 

To weigh in on these issues, we're joined by Bernard Beaudreau, economist and professor at Université Laval in Quebec City. And on the phone from Montreal, Yves-Thomas Dorval, President of le Conseil du Patronat, which represents Quebec's major private employers.


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I vote because...

jkessica.jpgWe often hear politicians telling you why you should vote for them, but it's not every day we hear what compels voters to cast their ballots. That's the idea behind "I vote because..." Jessica Nesteruk works with Neighbours Rouyn-Noranda, and joined us to talk about this campaign in collaboration with Quebec Community Groups Network's Vote it Up! Campaign.
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Valero Energy on changes due to Enbridge Pipeline 9B reversal

Valero Energy is one company that will profit from the reversal of the Enbridge Pipeline 9B. We hear how they plan to invest in the region, and how they say they will ensure the oil from out West is carried safely over the Saint Lawrence river. Michel Martin is the Director of Public and Government Affairs for Valero Energy.
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Veiled like me

A group of women in the Eastern Townships have conducted a social experiment to find out how people would react to them wearing a hijab. The project was instigated by Rachel Garber, a writer for the Sherbrooke Record. We hear from her, and one of the participants, Geneviève Pinard-Prévost. 
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Quebec AM at Lennoxville Elementary School

Picture 040.jpg


The Quebec AM crew was happy to spend time in the Townships last week, when the show stopped by Lennoxville Elementary School on Friday March 14th. We had a great time hearing from events and initiatives in the community:


Reaching students' hearts... through their stomachs

Heather Thompson is the Campus Minister at Bishop's University and Champlain College in Lennoxville. With the help of her colleagues in other churches of the region, free Friday night dinners are being offered to hungry students. 

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Picture 014.jpgLate winter snowstorms and "pie" bonspiels in Lennoxville

Alison Brunette and Holly Bailey are the face of Quebec AM in the Townships and we had the pleasure of having them live with us.

Holly begins by telling us about the Lennoxville Curling Club that hosts one of the oldest bonspiel's in the province. And teams are not only competing for a trophy...

Alison went out in the streets of Lennoxville to see what the latest winter snowstorm had left behind for residents to shovel.

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Picture 020.jpgQuebec Votes 2014: Our Townships political panel 


Our three political panelists, Eric Poirier, Heather Darch and Michael Smith explain their views and expectations for the 2014 election campaign.

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The joy of caregiving


English-speaking caregivers in the Townships now have access to resources in their region to share their experiences, including the positive ones. Susan McCauley tells us about caring for her mother who has Alzheimer's disease and how she's coped with leaving her life in Dubaï to move to North Hatley.

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After the show we also touched base with Eric Akbar Manolson, the Projects Coordinator for the Intergenerational Project with the Townshippers Association, to find out more about the upcoming Forum on caregiving. 

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Multi-age classes at Lennoxville Elementary School


Students in classes of grades four, five and six at Lennoxville Elementary are participating in a combined-grades initiative that is proving to be a success. Principal Dawn Irving and teachers Bonnie Smith and Isabelle Desbiens tell us about the project.

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Picture 025.jpg

The Girl Guides of Lennoxville

The Girl Guides of Lennoxville is one of the oldest chapters in Canada. Three girls who are also students at Lennoxville Elementary tell us what they enjoy the most about being a guide.



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The Gaspé Peninsula: Land on the Edge of Time

Russell-proulx-best-800x532.jpgDocumenting quiet moments in the Gaspé winter. That's what Montreal-based photographer Linda Rutenberg has been doing with her camera over the past few winters, and now she's reading to share the best of the best in book form. She's launched a crowdfunding campaign to finish up her project, and told us why the region has such a special place in her heart.

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Quebec Votes 2014: Young voters

According to statistics from Quebec's chief electoral officer, the voter turnout in the 18-24 age demographic has been the lowest of all the province's age groups for decades. In 2008, less than 40 per cent of young people cast a ballot. Those numbers crept back up during the last election, in a year marked by student protests, with more than 60 per cent making their voices heard.

We've brought together a panel of young voters from across Quebec this morning to hear how they're feeling about this campaign so far. Alicia Angel-Despins, in studio in Quebec City, Adam Young on the line from Lennoxville, and Alexandre Julien also on the line, from Rouyn-Noranda.
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Odour Conference in Quebec City

Our next subject really stinks... and we mean that in the most literal way possible. Follow your nose to the Auberge St. Antoine in Quebec City. It is hosting odour management experts from all over today and tomorrow in the first Odour Seminar of its kind every held in Quebec City. It's organized by a company called Olfacto Expert. Yann Contrato, CEO and President, joins us in studio to talk about why this is an exciting new field.
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Quebec Votes 2014 Big Issues: Health Care

Election after election, health care resurfaces as an issue voters cite as a primary concern. 
Only two of the parties have released their platform on health so far: the Liberals and Québec Solidaire. So we're going to help the others out, with the aid of two practitioners.

Dr. Alec Cooper is a family physician at a large medical clinic, la Cité Médicale, in Quebec City. Dr. Joseph Dahine specializes in intensive care and is President of the Quebec Federation of Medical Interns. They shared their perspectives:
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Les Chercheurs d'Or live in studio

Looking for gold in all the right places. Meet les Chercheurs d'Or, the Quebec City based band bringing their bluegrass flavoured songs around the world. Simon Pelletier, François Gagnon, Isabeau Vallois and Luke Dawson joined Susan in studio to talk about the inspiration behind their sound. Pictured left, they're playing "Allume donc la radio." How appropriate:
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Bringing big dancers to la Petite Scène

margiegillis.JPGBringing some of Canada's biggest dancers to a small, small stage. That's the concept behind la Petite Scène, a new initiative in Quebec City. And one of Canada's most celebrated choreographers, Margie Gillis, is in town to christen the creative endeavor. It's taking place this Wednesday night, and features eight short performances by eight different choreographers. Hear Margie explain why it's a fun, accessible way to experience dance. 

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Richmond St. Patrick's Society

stepatties.JPGThe Richmond St. Patrick's Society is celebrating it's 137th year with loads of fun activities lined up for people of all ages. Our CBC reporter Holly Bailey headed out to the Grand Central Hotel to speak with the Society's new president Erika Lockwood.

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Confronting violence against women with ballet in New Richmond

Addressing a difficult subject with a delicate art form. The dance performance "Ghosts of Violence" hopes to confront and challenge audiences about the way we talk about - or don't talk about - violence against women. It's at the Salle de spectacles régional de New Richmond on Friday, March 14. Lucy Jane Casey Campbell tells us why it's important in the Baie des Chaleurs region. We also speak to Susan Chalmers Gauvin, CEO of Atlantic Ballet Theatre of Canada. 
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Coop Paradis on Cloud 9

coopparadis.jpgPutting Rimouski's arts scene on the map: that's what the members of Cooperative Paradis hope to do by 2016, and thanks to over 6 million dollars in funding, their dream is closer to becoming a reality. Founded in 2005, the expansion project with a new location has been in the works for years.

Our Julia Caron spoke to Cybel Chagnon, assistant director of the co-op, and Esther Desrosiers, director of Caravansérail, one of the 15 organizations involved in this project. 

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Suspended baguettes in Sherbrooke

dufeu.jpgYou may have heard about "suspended coffees" - when one person buys a coffee for a stranger in advance. One business owner in Sherbrooke is putting a spin on that idea, offering "suspended baguettes." Our Townships reporter Alison Brunette brings us that story. 
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Native Women's Association demands National Inquiry

A long-awaited report from the Special Committee on Violence Against Indigenous Women called "Invisible Women: A Call To Action," was released Friday, on the eve of International Women's Day.

But while aboriginal groups, opposition parties, even United Nations' special rapporteur on the rights of indigenous people have been demanding a public inquiry into Canada's missing and murdered aboriginal women, the Commitee's report did not include that call in its recommendations.
Michèle Audette, President of the Native Women's Association of Canada, tells us why she is among those disappointed by that decision.
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Vote Compass: Quebec Votes 2014

votecompass.pngIn 2012, you may have tried the Vote Compass. It's a simple online tool when you answer questions, and the questionnaire points you to the political party that best suits your priorities. The tool is back in 2014, and Yannick Dufresne, co-creator of the app, joins us in studio to tell us about how the tool has made its way to Japan and Australia. Dufresne is a doctoral candidate in the Department of Political Science at the U of T. 

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The Old View from Nowhere

oldview.pngMontreal-based painter Jennifer Dorner tells our Julia Caron about her series "Outer Space Parade Floats with Greenhouses," on display at Espace F in Matane. We also hear David Poolman describe his drawings, also presented as part of "The Old View from Nowhere."

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Maison Marquette

maison-marquette_sn635.jpgA residence for people with mental health issues in Sherbrooke is being forced to close its doors at the end of the month. When it closes its doors, the fifty people who used to live there will be left scrambling to find new homes. Our Townships Reporter Alison Brunette tells us how this raises serious questions about the services available to people with higher needs.
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Learning a new language later in life

It's never too late to start learning a new language, and les Retraités Flyés de Québec will prove it. On the first Tuesday of every month, about two dozen people get together for a lunch anglophile at Restaurant Tutti Frutti. Our Julia Caron had the chance to stop by this week, and met with the vivacious group. Some just started learning English shortly after retiring, while others relish the occassion to keep up the skills they learned long ago. One thing they all have in common though, is a love of laughter. 
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Questioning the rebuilding of downtown Lac-Mégantic

Several buildings in Lac-Mégantic are starting to be demolished this week to make way for what will be a part of a new commercial zone. While some people see the reconstruction as turning the page on a very dark chapter for the municipality, a group calling themselves le Mouvement Carré Blue are raising concerns about the way the town is moving forward. Our Eastern Townships reporter Alison Brunette has been following this story for us, and brings us the latest.

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Shannon court case likely delayed

The citizens of Shannon could have to wait a bit longer before the city's water contamination case is heard by the courts. The Vice-President of Shannon's citizens committee tells us why Quebec's Court of Appeal recommended to postpone the court date, and why they plan to wait for the complete study by Quebec's Public Health Department before moving forward.

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Canada's former ambassador to Ukraine comments political crisis

Diplomatic efforts continue to defuse the volatile situation in Ukraine, and analysts cannot predict what will happen next. The former Canadian ambassador to Ukraine and current Diplomat in residence at Laval University G. Daniel Caron tells us he's stunned to see the country descend into political chaos so quickly.

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A home for the Washaw Sibi Cree Nation

After much searching and consultation, the Washaw Sibi Cree Nation has settled on a piece of land to start building a community. Their chief, Pauline Trapper Hester, tells us how the choice was made and what needs to be done to see the village rise out of the forest.
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English parent-child program in Richmond

babies.JPGThe Richmond Community Learning Centre and the Townshippers Association have decided to bring young anglophone parents in the region together through the parent-child Mother Goose Program.

Our Eastern Townships reporter Alison Brunette stopped into one of the sessions to speak with parents there.

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