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Winter fun at Parc du Mont Hatley

photo 2.JPG
Residents of Hatley and the surrounding regions are once again taking advantage of their long loved mountain, formerly known as Montjoye. The original recreation center located in the township of Hatley welcomed skiers for some 60 years. It is once again open for business after undergoing a total re-invention. The new owner Martin Gemme has christened the etablishment Parc du Mont Hatley, and now offers winter tubing and sliding. Our CBC reporter Holly Bailey went out on the trails yesterday to capture some of the fun.
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Top 10 Québécois Albums of 2013

From hip-hop, to folk, to good old fashioned rock and roll music. Our Julia Caron and Alison Van Rassel will joined us in studio to countdown their top picks for Québécois albums of 2013.

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Alison's Top 5
5. We Are Wolves - La Mort Pop Club
4. Pierre Lapointe - Punkt
3. Les Soeurs Boulay - Le Poids des Confettis
2. Basia Bulat - Tall Tall Shadow
1. Young Galaxy - Ultramarine
Julia's Top 5
3. Leif Vollebek - Borrowed Time (free download)
2. Ponctuation - 27 Club
1. AroarA - In the Pines

Talking Turkey in the Townships

RJG13 1215 TurksnGordons 081.jpgEating turkey is a tradition during the holidays. But what about feeding turkeys? That's what Gaelise Renny and her husband Gordon are doing in St. Armand in the Eastern Townships. They tell us about the birdfeeder in their backyard that has attracted a new kind of fowl to their doorstep.
We also speak with Robert Galbraith, an avid birdwatcher and self-taught naturalist, who joined us on the line from his home in Philipsburg to explore what might be behind the influx of turkey.
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Je Veux Savoir

There's a pilot project to make those demands even more efficient, and to put pressure on the government to answer them. It's called Je Veux Savoir. Jonathan Brun is one of the creators and joined us on the line from Magog to tell us more. 
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Montreal to Kuujjuaq on cross-country skis

projet_karibu.jpgIn 1980, four adventure seekers crossed the 2,200 kilometers that seperate Montreal to Kuujjuaq on their cross-country skis, through 120 kilometers an hour winds, below 40 degree temperatures, and frostbite. The trip has now inspired a new generation of outdoor enthusiats: the Projet Karibu is setting off for the same trek on December 27th.

This morning we spoke with Marie-Andrée Fortin, who is with the Projet Karibu team as well as Claude Duguay, who was on the "Expedition Quebec 80" 33 years ago.

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Heartwarming generosity at the Maison du Marin

IMG_4309.JPG The Maison du Marin in the port of Quebec City runs a shoebox campaign every holiday season, in the hopes of staving off loneliness for sailors from around the world. For the past 19 years, manager Graham Reynolds has been at the helm, putting together a shoebox-sized care packages with everything from hand-knit warm mittens, to simpler things like pen and paper to write letters home. Our Julia Caron stopped by the Maison du Marin, as volunteers filed in and out of the building on a blustery winter day...

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Ice Storm Clean-up in the Townships

photo 1.JPGThe recent ice storm has made life difficult for people living in the Townships. Residents are dealing with power outages, road closures and layers of ice. Our CBC reporter Holly Bailey hits the streets to hear  how things are going for the citizens of Sherbrooke.
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Quebec City father and daughter write song together

Fatherdaughter.jpg Quebec High School had to privilege of recording their very own Christmas album with original songs, that they composed with professional singer-songwriters. Naomi Wiesner is a student at the school, and had the opportunity to sing a song with her father Troy. It's called This Christmas Eve, and they joined us in studio to tell us more about it.
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This story was called to our attention by Breakaway's Rachelle Solomon. She dropped by the Blue and Gold Studios last week to hear about some of their original tracks. Listen to her full report on the project on the Breakaway website.

Potential hydrocarbon development in the Gaspé

For the new year, the Quebec government has its eye on two zones in the Gulf of St. Lawrence that are rich in hydrocarbon potential, but also rich in biodiversity. It's called the "Banc des Américains", or the American Bank, in waters between Gaspé and Percé. Sylvain Archambault is a biologist with the Canadian Parks and Wilderness Society.
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CBC Quebec live from St. Vincent Elementary

The Quebec City Community Christmas Hamper Campaign is drawing to a close. Each year, one of the highly anticipated moments of the fundraiser is the unveiling of the Turkey Can Drive winners. This year, Ms. Norma Sommerville's grade 5 class at St. Vincent Elementary raised the most money, contributing to the school's grand total of $2,050. Their proud teacher told us why this means so much to her.

Our host Susan Campbell, alongside Breakaway's host Jacquie Czernin, broadcasted live from their classroom to find out more about why giving feels good, especially during the holiday season.

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Listen to the second part of the broadcast, where Vice Principal Gary Kenler leads the class in rousing renditions of Jingle Bells and Happy Xmas (War is Over).
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Don't forget, you can still contribute cash donations to the campaign. Call (418) 684-5333 ext. 1580 and follow the instructions.

Watching the first train roll by...

As the first train rolled out of Lac-Mégantic, people gathered by the tracks to witness it. Our reporter Catou MacKinnon was there, and spoke to Jean Gauthier. He has called Lac-Mégantic home for 6 years, and wanted to see it for himself.
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Quebec City's Marine Rescue Centre to remain open

The federal government has reversed its decision to close the Marine Rescue Centre in Quebec City. The Minister for Economic Development in Quebec, Denis Lebel, made the announcement yesterday in Trois-Rivières, without much fanfare. Hubert Desgagnés, spokesperson for the group who was fighting to save the Marine Rescue Centre, tells us how he found out his battle was successful.
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New Health Coop to open in Ayer's Cliff

Visiting the doctor is about to get a whole lot easier for people living in one part of the Eastern Townships. Alison Brunette stopped by what currently looks like a café, but will soon be transformed into a one of a kind Health Cooperative.

Deanne Cohen is one of the many volunteers from the area who are getting this project off the ground. She says it's high time Ayer's Cliff and it's surrounding municipalities had better access to health care.
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From Football to Bobsledding: Sam Giguère

giguere-samuel-05395188.jpgWhy in the world would someone who plays professional football want to spend his off-months racing down an icy course in a little bullet-shaped wagon? Sam Giguère, wide receiver for the Hamilton Tiger-Cats, was named to Canada's Olympic bobsled team this week. He joined Susan to answer that question, in addition to telling us why his bosses and mom are slightly less enthusiastic about his love of bobsledding, than they are of his football career.
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First train to run through Lac-Mégantic since disaster

marie-laurence delainey.jpgFor the first time since the rail disaster in July, a train will run through Lac-Mégantic around noon Wednesday. While it has been agreed that no hazardous materials should pass through for the time being, the decision was still a difficult one. Our reporter Catou MacKinnon will be there, and tells us why this is stirring up mixed emotions for people in the community. 
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Message in a bottle found in Arctic

Denis Sarrazin CEN/ArcticNet.JPGIn 1959, an American geologist working on Ellesmere Island in the arctic left a message in a bottle, tucked safely away in a cairn. This year, it was found by a researcher based at Université Laval, Dr. Warwick Vincent. He joined us in studio to tell us about this chilled - and chilling - discovery.
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Giving the gift of a bookstore

books.jpgAfter 27 years of trading and selling books, the owner of l'Ancre des Mots, a second-hand book store in Sillery, decided it was closing time for his small shop. But instead of selling his business, he decided to give it away, to people he judged were deserving of 50,000 books. Gaetan Genest handed over the keys - and the mountains of books - to three young people: Alexandre Prieur, Cassy Giguère and Steeve Veilleux. Alexandre Prieur joined us in studio to tell us more about embarking on this new venture.

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Vinyl Cafe ticket winners!

This morning we announced the winners for our Vinyl Cafe ticket giveaway: congratulations to Isabelle Sullivan and Cathy Overton who both win a pair of tickets to see Stuart McLean at the Capitole Theatre on March 30th.

Thanks to all our listeners for sharing their memorable holiday meal stories. Our producer Alex Freedman joined Susan in studio this morning to hear the winners' best turkey story.

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Valcartier military families star in fundraising calendar

valcartier_calendar.JPGThe Valcartier Family Centre has put together a special calendar this year, that depicts members of the armed forces along with their families. The organization, based on the Canadian Forces Base Valcartier, helps hundreds of military families integrate and deal with the realities of the military lifestyle.

Michelle Pyne-Vachon works with the Valcartier Family Centre and helped organize the calendar, and was in our studios to tell us about the project.

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The future of Canada Post

Canada Post has announced its action plan to save hundreds of millions of dollars over the next 5 years. It is phasing out the home delivery of mail in urban areas across the country and implementing a community mailbox service. Spokesperson John Hamilton speaks with Susan about how the change is going to affect you.
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Sherbrooke hopes to takeoff

Officials in Sherbrooke are trying new tactics to get the local airport up and running. They say their region is losing hundreds of thousands of dollars every year because they don't have a functioning one. Our Eastern Townships reporter Alison Brunette brings us all the details.

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Quebec Captain Navy named one of Canada's most powerful women

Jill Marrack is a Captain Navy in Quebec's Naval Reserve. Earlier this month, she was named on the Women's Executive Network's list of Canada's Top 100 Most Powerful Women for 2013. She spoke to Susan about what it means to be a high-ranking woman officer.
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Protesters and police clash in Kiev

RTX16DQE.jpgFor more than two weeks, Ukranian protesters have occupied Kiev's Independence Square. They're opposed to the president's decision to drop a free trade deal with the European Union and instead seek closer ties with Russia. Ukranian Quebecker Jim Slobodian gives us some insight on the situation after a night of tension between protesters and police. PHOTO: Pro-European integration protesters stand behind a cordon of riot police at Independence Square in Kiev December 11, 2013. (Gleb Garanich/ Reuters)

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11-year-old's entry for next great hockey song

Nobody likes losing in sports, but one 11-year-old in Toronto found a way to make the best of it. Joseph Terenzio wrote a song about his hockey team... which doesn't always have the best luck. Joseph is among close a thousand Canadian music acts competing in the Hockey Night in Canada Song Quest for the next great hockey song.

You can listen to the submissions and vote once a day until December 11th. Here is Joseph Terenzio's "The Hockey Song".

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Reading between the vowels

minna_trower.jpgMinna Trower says she's found the key to helping people with reading difficulties, by teaching them first how to pronounce vowels. The Hatley resident has helped many people learn to read over the years with a method she designed herself, called the "Darwin the Dragon" reading program.

But despite its apparent success, Minna Trower says she can't find people to buy into her method. Our Townships reporter Alison Brunette met with her and some of the people who know and use her program.

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First responders honoured in Lac-Megantic

Premier Pauline Marois held a special ceremony in Lac-Mégantic yesterday to honour first responders who were on the scene of the deadly train derailment and explosion. Hundreds of men and women were awarded medals of bravery, and Christmas trees were lit to honour the 47 victims.

The CBC's Alison Northcott spoke with Fire Chief Denis Lauzon, who has vivid memories of the night of the explosion.

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Firefighter Éric Mercier has been on stress leave since the night of the explosion. He shares his thoughts on how the disaster has affected him.

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Genomics: changing the cattle insemination game

IMG_4551.JPGBeef and dairy producers can now shop for genes for their calves. A facility in St-Hyacinthe called the CIAQ is a world leader when it comes to genomics. Quebec's Travelling Journalist Marika Wheeler goes to the lab and the barn to find out how it works, and what it means for the industry. We also have more photos of the lab on our Facebook page.
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Remembering Nelson Mandela in Rouyn-Noranda

mandela_AP Photo-Ben Curtis.JPGAs the world continues to share memories of Nelson Mandela's legacy, one of his nephews, Rouyn-Noranda resident Vuyani Gxoyiva, tells us what he remembers about the former South African leader. Mr. Gxoyiva left South Africa as a young man, when Mandela was still in prison, and the country was still in the grips of apartheid. Quebec AM's Glenn Wanamaker reached him yesterday afternoon.

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The story behind a 1939 National Geographic photo

natgeosiblings.jpgNational Geographic posted this photo on its archive Tumblr with the caption, "Seven siblings sit on a wooden fence in Quebec, Canada, May 1939". That caught the eye of one of our researchers, Julia Caron, and she embarked on a mission to figure out who this family was and where they lived. The answer lead her to a charming story that is guaranteed to make you smile. 

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4th Canadian soldier dies in apparent suicide

People in Chandler and CFB Valcartier are in shock over the death of a soldier who took his own life. Sylvain Lelièvre's death follows one in Ontario, one in Manitoba, and one in Alberta that occurred within the past week. The Quebec soldier was 46 years old and had served two tours in Bosnia and one in Afghanistan.Vera Wall met Lelièvre last year when she organized a 'Welcome Home' evening for Gaspé soldiers who had fought in Afghanistan. She tells the CBC's Catou MacKinnon how she reacted to the news.
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Dispute over logging in Barrier Lake continues

normanmatchewan.jpgResidents of the Algonquin First Nation of Barrier Lake stopped the logging operations of Resolute Forest products yesterday on land not far from the community. It's the latest flare-up of a much broader, unresolved dispute with the Quebec government over land use and the exploitation of natural resources.

Norman Matchewan is Band Councillor in the Algonquin First Nation of Barrier Lake. We also hear from Xavier Van Chau, spokesperson for Resolute Forest products.
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Examing working conditions in private long-term care facilities

The union representing staff in private nursing homes is continuing to push the Quebec government to look into both the working conditions of employees and the living conditions of residents. Yesterday, it presented a petition to the National Assembly, calling for a formal examination of conditions. Jeff Begley is president of the CNTU's health and social services federation.
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Free music on Christmas thanks to Liste de Noël

pouletneige.jpgForget putting a stamp on an envelope addressed to Santa: there's a new kind of Christmas list out there. When you visit Liste de Noël.ca, you are encouraged to stream music, and select the albums you'd like to receive in your inbox on Christmas Day... all free of charge. It's an increasingly popular project created by Montreal-based independent label Poulet Neige. Julia Caron spoke to the label's founder, Pierre Alexandre, along with web designer David Mongeau-Petitpas and P572's Sam Murdock, to find out why they were keen to give away music for free.
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Quebec government on regulating book prices

Quebec's Culture minister Maka Kotto says he wants to write a new chapter in the law that oversees the retail book industry. Limit the discounts the big chain stores can offer on new books, in order to protect small, independent bookstores. But not everyone likes how this story is unfolding.

Francis Farley Chevrier, the executive director for the Quebec Writers Union (UNEQ), weighs in on the debate.
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We also hear from Blaise Renaud, president of Renaud-Bray bookstores. Afterwards, we share some listener feedback.
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Pub de la Contrée and Microbrasserie Bellechasse

davecarrat.jpgLife in the country has its perks: beautiful snowy fields, quiet evenings by the fireplace... but living far from the city can also mean a lesser access to services, and meager choices for shopping and entertainment. That's part of what inspired four small towns in the MRC de Bellechasse to come together to bridge these gaps, by setting up cooperative economic projects in their region. Julia Page stopped by, and took a tour of their first new-born: a cooperative microbrewery in the small town of Buckland.

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