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Future of Magdalen Islands lighthouse in question

Havre-Aubert is one of the many places on the Magdalen Islands where you can see a historic lighthouse. In fact, it's the tallest lighthouse in the region, and has been a beacon for both fishermen and tourists since it was built in the 1870s. Recently, rumours of it sale - to private owners - have raised concerns among some citizens. Maureen Caper is a long-time resident of the Magdalen Islands, and one of the members of the committee to protect the l'Anse-a-la-Cabane lighthouse.
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We asked the Department of Fisheries and Oceans to confirm the sale of the lighthouse to a private buyer, but they did not respond to our inquiries. We also asked to speak to the Magdalen Islands municipality and the rumoured purchasers of the lighthouse, and have not heard back. We will continue to follow this story.