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Citizens of Mashteuiash campaigning against local hydro project

Some people in Mashteuiash hope that a spring election in their community could force the cancellation of a local hydro project. The 16 megawatt Val-Jalbert project is promoted by the Innu community and two MRC's in the Lac Saint-Jean region. It was the only project that was spared when Natural Resources minister Martine Ouellet announced the cancellation of six other mini-hydro projects earlier this month.

This week, opponents of the project presented two petitions against the project at the National Assembly. One petition, with more than 5000 signatures, was sponsored by Quebec Solidaire MNA Amir Khadir. The other contained nearly 500 signatures collected in Mashteuiash. Opponents in Mashteuiash were also able to get more than 500 people to sign a register to force early band council elections this May.

Michaël Paul is one of the people in Mashteuiash campaigning against the project and he spoke with CBC's Ainslie MacLellan at the National Assembly.

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