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Sharing photos of your food on social media a new faux-pas?

529625_10151516027188140_21799468_n.jpgSnapping photos of food is a common trend, and it's become an easy thing to do, because of the ubiquity of cell phones equipped with high resolution cameras, which makes taking a picture ... a snap. But when it comes to taking a picture of your food in a restaurant, some diners are discreet while others are a bit in your face. A recent article published in the New York Times says star chef David Chang of Momofuku Ko restaurant has banned his customers from shooting their suppers.

Shoto restaurant in Toronto won't allow it either, because the owners believe "it totally disrupts the ambience." Quebec AM's Allison Van Rassel walked down to Chez Boulay restaurant here in Quebec City to find out if they, too, are considering making Instagram interdit.
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