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Hydro-Québec asks for the public's cooperation to reduce power consumption

So how cold is it? Hydro-Québec can tell just by watching the needle spin on its electricity meters. Right now, it's spinning like crazy! Hydro-Quebec is asking everyone to do what they can to reduce energy use. Ariane Connor works with Hydro-Québec and she joined Shawn Lyons this morning to point out the most effective ways to reduce consumption.

And when it gets cold like this, you wonder how people can work outside. We'll also hear a couple of examples gathered yesterday in Quebec City by Allison van Rassel who, of course, we sent outside to work. We'll hear from Simon, a valet at the Capitole, a quick passer-by with ear "mouffles" and Abdul the taxi driver. Allison also met with the ferry workers Maurice, Alex and Jean-Charles to find out which type of fabric keeps them warmest.

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