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Dear England, Love Canada

saguenay0002_3.jpgAnne Kostalas is not your average Brit. She has been winter camping, she's cruised the Saguenay Fjord and hunted bears in the Abitibi. Since she made the move from across the pond to Montreal, Kostalas has been on the move, visiting the vast geography Quebec has to offer. And she's blogged along the way. Her blog called Dear England, Love Canada is a collection of those experiences. It's a light-hearted story of her own adaption to the winter and an effort to lure her fellow countrymen to visit La Belle Province. This week, Kostalas is snowshoeing at Mont Orford, where she's staying at one of the park's new nature cabins.Quebec AM's Eastern Tonwships reporter Sarah Rogers took a walk with Kostalas.
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