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Jacabums: Making washable diapers in the Townships

MaryBeth2.JPGEarlier on Quebec AM, Simon Denis, a father with an infant son, told us about his choice to use disposable diapers instead of washable diapers. Although he says his family lives an eco-friendly lifestyle, Denis told us he and his partner did not opt for washable diapers because of the time it takes to care for them.

Well, one woman in Richmond, in the Eastern Townships, makes it her mission to win over parents like Simon Denis.

MaryBeth Johnston is a mother of six and runs a daycare from her home... and in the midst of it all, she sets up her sewing machine in the middle of the kitchen table to work on her own homemade washable diapers. Johnston makes her line of cloth diapers, called Jacabums. Our Eastern Townships reporter Sarah Rogers went to visit Johnston to talk about the pros and cons of cloth and how she's helped new parents make that decision.
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