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Quebec's first diamond mine

Quebec's first diamond mine is set to open in 2014. But the company behind the project says it will not pay the cost of transmission lines for hydro power to its facility. Instead, the company that owns and operates the mine, Stornoway Diamonds will use millions of litres of diesel fuel for its power.
Despite being the only beneficiary of the proposed hydroelectric transmission lines, the Stornoway diamond corporation is deciding instead to use millions of litres in diesel fuel to power the mine. That is raising concerns from environmental groups and mining critics in the province.
Quebec AM's Senai Iman brings us that story.
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CLARIFICATION: In the story, we reported that the province of Quebec is paying $330 million dollars to extend the road for the diamond mine. But the province is not the only one paying for the road. Stornoway Diamonds will also be paying approximately $40 million dollars.