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Oil in the Gaspé: Part Two

In Part 2 of our series on oil in the Gaspé, we'll hear from people in the region about their hopes, and their worries, over the development of a petroleum industry in their midst.
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Questioning the merits of eating locally-produced food

Pierre Desrochers is a professor of Geography at the University of Toronto. He says eating locally-produced food may not be as friendly for the environment or for the global economy as many people would like to think.
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Bronze medalist Jennifer Abel on what it takes to be an Olympic diver

Jen_Emilie_actionRidewood.jpgCanada's Olympic synchronized divers made it to the podium Sunday morning. Emilie Heymans and Jennifer Abel made history with their bronze medal performance. CBC's Marika Wheeler met with Jennifer Abel earlier this summer. We'll hear how her expectations matched up with her performance.
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Locavore market in Racine

locavore.JPGThis week, we're exploring the local food trend, or the locavore movement as it has been coined. Alison Brunette brings us to our first stop: a locavore farmer's market in Racine, in the Eastern Townships.

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Oil in the Gaspé

The Town of Gaspé and many of its residents are sitting on a pool of oil. Exactly how much oil is still unclear, but the prospect of Gaspé becoming the centre of Quebec's first oil-producing region is on everybody's mind.

Quebec AM's Glenn Wanamaker was in Gaspé recently to get an idea of the scope of the exploration work under way, and how residents feel about it.

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Olympic divers Francois Imbeau-Dulac and Roseline Filion

Divers 006.jpgSeven of the eleven divers that make up Canada's Olympic Diving team hail from la Belle Province. Diver Francois Imbeau-Dulac was born in Vanier, Quebec. He tells us how he knew he was meant to be a diver, with encouragement from his family.

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Roseline Filion hails from Laval, Quebec and will be competing in both the women's 10m synchro event with partner Meaghan Benfeito and the women's 10m individual event. She tells us how she first got into the sport of diving.

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Val D'Or's junior hockey team Les Foreurs have new owners

news_default3144.jpgDespite the financial challenges of running a junior hockey team, it didn't take long for the City of Val D'Or to find new investors for Les Foreurs. Céline Brind'Amour, a Val d'Or city councillor who sat on the team's board for over a decade, tells us how this deal came about.
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Échofête loses funding from city of Trois Pistoles

After losing sponsorship funding from the city of Trois Pistoles for being "too politicized," festival promoters at the 10th annual Échofête say they mananged to salvage the festival without the city's support. Festival spokesperson Christian Vanasse tells us more.
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Historic agreement with the James Bay Cree

croppedagreement.JPGA new model for governing the James Bay region has been agreed upon by the Quebec government and the Cree Grand Council. Minister of Native Affairs Geoffrey Kelley explains how it will change the way the territory is run.

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The Chief negotiator for the James Bay Cree, Abel Bosum, also joined us to talk about the new agreement with the Quebec government and what impact it will have on his community.

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Fiddler shares memories of Douglastown Irish Week

Norma McDonald and Laura Risk 2010.JPGThe Douglastown Irish Week begins next week, bringing together long-time residents of the community alongside curious newcomers. Laura Risk is a fiddler who has made the trek for the festival many times over the years. She shares one of her fondest memories of connecting with people through music.

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Memorial Cup severely damaged

1342548990840_ORIGINAL.jpgA summer of celebration by the Shawinigan Cataractes has left Canada's most prestigious junior hockey trophy severely damaged. The Memorial Cup dates back to 1919 when it was donated to honour Canada's war fallen. Quebec Major Junion Hockey league's spokesperson, Photi Sotiropoulos tells us more about the current state of the trophy.
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Olympic Swimmers Barbara Jardin and Victoria Poon

Olympic swimmer Barbara Jardin is energetic and enthusiastic about her first Olympic Games, while her more seasoned teammate Victoria Poon describes herself as "chill." Quebec AM's Julia Caron met these two very different Olympic athletes, and found out how they help balance each other out and push each other further. 
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Concerns about Quebec's Asbestos Industry

Many medical professionals have been vehemently opposed to this province continuing to export asbestos because of health risks. Now some are saying it's an economic risk as well. Our townships correspondent Alison Brunette brings us a closer look at those concerns.
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New butterflies species in Quebec may be linked to warmer winters

Discovery of a new species of butterfly in Quebec is making some scientist question whether warmer weather causes an increase in insects. Dr. Michel Cusson is an Entomologist for Natural Resource Canada and an adjunct professor at Laval University.
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Union Citoyenne du Quebec seeks to pick up support among progressive federalists

Quebec's newest political party, the Union Citoyenne du Quebec, says liberal voters seeking an alternative in the next provincial election should vote for them. Maxime Guerin is the coordinator of the Union citoyenne du Quebec and tells us more.
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Quebec City's synchronized swimming star Elise Marcotte

Elise Marcotte is returning to the Games for the second time in her career with the synchronized swimming team. The Quebec City native finished fourth in the 2008 Bejing Games, but has since stepped up her game. She tells us what she's looking forward to at the Games.
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Roger Waters "The Wall" tour ending in Quebec City

Pink-Floyd-The-Wall-albu.jpgRoger Waters is in Quebec City this Saturday to perform his famous concert The Wall. To tell us a bit more about how "The Wall" has evolved since its release back in 1979, we have two music journalists on hand.

Pierre Landry is CBC Montreal's cultural maven. Kathleen Lavoie covers sports for Le Soleil. Prior to that, she covered music for that publication for a decade.

Summer host Shawn Lyons asks them how the album has evolved over the years, and what we can expect Saturday night on the Plaines of Abraham. 

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Record-breaking skydive in Farnham, Quebec


On Friday the 13th, over a hundred people decided to get together in the skies over Farnham, Quebec to break a record.

102 Canadian skydivers set a new record for holding a formation for seven seconds. Two of the people who participated in the record-setting jump are Michel and Martin Lemay.

Michel runs and co-owns Parachutisme Nouvel Air in Farnham, Quebec. His passion for parachuting runs in the family, as his three sons are also avid skydivers. He and his son Martin tell us more about this jump.

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Quebec's Antoine Valois-Fortier can't wait to compete at the Games

Antoine-Valois-Fortier_web-140x210.jpgValcartier native Antoine Valois-Fortier is headed to the Olympic Games. He tells us about the basics of Judo, and which competitors he can't wait to go up against.
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Photograph of Northern Lights over Lac St. Charles garners international attention

francisaudet.JPGA Lac St. Charles resident is getting international attention for his photograph of the Northern Lights. Francis Audet is an engineer who happens to moonlight as a photographer. He joined us to tell us how he came about this natural phenomenon last week, and how he managed to capture it.

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Equestrian Peter Barry getting ready for the Games

The Eastern Township's Peter Barry is competing for Canada in equestrian eventing. He lives in Dunham, where he also operates a farm. He's already training overseas in Marlborough, and told us about what we can expect.
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Drummondville banning food gardens in front yards

potagerurbain.jpgJosée Landry and her husband have a large garden in their front yard, where they grow their own vegetables. But the municipality of Drummondville says they can't and is banning practice.
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Monique Gagnon-Tremblay will not run for re-election

Another minister at the National Assembly has announced she will not be seeking re-election in her riding. Minister of International Affairs, Monique Gagnon-Tremblay tells us about her reasons for leaving politics at this time.
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New study looks into potential water contamination due to fracking

A new peer reviewed study from Duke University is showing that salty fluids naturally found below Pennsylvania's shale gas fields is seepings upwards into residents' drinking water. But the findings stop short of saying that hydraulic fracturing caused this saltiness in the water.

To find out more, Quebec AM's Senai Iman contacted the author of the study Dr. Avner Vengosh in Dunham North Carolina. He is a professor of Geochemistry and Water Quality at Duke University.

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Changes to federal ridings in Quebec

The Commission in charge of federal ridings in Quebec has announced changes to Quebec's federal electoral map. While some will be added in the Montreal region, one riding may be eliminated. Jean-Francois Fortin is the MNA for that riding, Haute-Gaspésie-La Mitis-Matane-Matapédia.
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Option Nationale on potential late summer elections

The Option Nationale is one of Quebec's newest political parties vying to replace to Liberals. Jean-Martin Aussant, Leader of Option nationale and MNA for Nicolet-Yamaska, thinks social media may help him get there.
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Ukulele aficionados attempt World Record in Quebec City

IMG_9481.JPGUkulele lovers young and old assembled at Place d'Youville in Quebec City yesterday. That's where Lucky Uke was hoping to break the world record for most people playing the same song on the ukulele at the same time. The band set a record at Montreal's Festival Juste Pour Rire last year, only to be beaten two months later by 1,574 Swedes.

Quebec AM's very own ukulele enthusiast, Julia Caron, was there to see if Quebeckers could top that record.

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Rouge et Or athlete Melanie Blouin heading to Olympic Games

Mélanie Blouin, a Quebec City resident and student at Laval University, is preparing for a trip of a lifetime. She will be competing for Canada at the Olympic Games in pole vaulting. The Olympics aren't just a historic accomplishment for her - her university is proud of her too. She will be the first Rouge et Or athlete to be going to the Olympic Games. 

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WWII plane recovery effort underway in St. Lawrence River

At the height of the Second World War, a United States aircraft known as the Catalina disappeared into St-Lawrence and claimed the lives of five servicemen. Seventy years later, a mission to recover the remains is underway in Longue-Pointe-de-Mingan.

Russell Grigsby is a U.S. Army Captain and team leader of this mission.

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Montreal's Grimes on why Quebec City is one of her favourite places to play

juliaandgrimes.JPGClaire Boucher, better known to her fans as Grimes, is a young musician with a stand out sound and look. She took to the stage at l'Imperial last night, but not before Quebec AM's Julia Caron nabbed her for a short chat. She tells us why Quebec City is one of her favourite places to play.
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Community rallies around new parents who lost home to fire

Christian Laflamme and Julie Beauchesne welcomed their newborn daughter at Sherbrooke's University hospital Thursday morning. But what they didn't know while they were busy becoming parents was that their home was burning to the ground. They've lost all of their personal belongings, including everything they had prepared for their baby.

But as our Eastern Townships correspondent Alison Brunette found out, the couple's family have rallied the community to help them cope. 

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If you wish to make a donation to the couple you can call the Laflamme family at 819-346-9249.

Making traditional seal skin boots in Kuujjuaq

It may be a little hot for seal skin boots in July, even in Northern Quebec. But they come in handy when the sub zero temperatures come back around in the winter.

While many women in Nunavik still make traditional parkas and mittens, the practice of making seal skin boots - or kamiks - has declined. But some women in Kuujjuaq are working hard to learn the skill, and pass it on to a new generation.

Our Ainslie MacLellan visited a class earlier this year, to learn what goes into making kamiks.

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Quebec beach volleyball duo are set for Olympics

beachvolleyball.jpgAnnie Martin and Marie-Andrée Lessard are preparing for the London 2012 Olympic Games, which begin in just 15 days.

The duo won their ticket to the event last weekend, by winning a final qualifying tournament in Ontario. Our Townships reporter Alison Brunette met up with them at the Atto-Beaver park in Lennoxville to find out more about what their training regimen is like.

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Seaway alert in the St. Lawrence River

The water levels in St. Lawrence from Trois Rivieres to Montreal are so low right now there is a seaway alert. Peter Yeomans is with the member of the International St Lawrence Board of Control. And we've reached him from his home in Dorval this morning.
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Quebec's first diamond mine

Quebec's first diamond mine is set to open in 2014. But the company behind the project says it will not pay the cost of transmission lines for hydro power to its facility. Instead, the company that owns and operates the mine, Stornoway Diamonds will use millions of litres of diesel fuel for its power.
Despite being the only beneficiary of the proposed hydroelectric transmission lines, the Stornoway diamond corporation is deciding instead to use millions of litres in diesel fuel to power the mine. That is raising concerns from environmental groups and mining critics in the province.
Quebec AM's Senai Iman brings us that story.
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CLARIFICATION: In the story, we reported that the province of Quebec is paying $330 million dollars to extend the road for the diamond mine. But the province is not the only one paying for the road. Stornoway Diamonds will also be paying approximately $40 million dollars.

Strongman Canada moving to Victoriaville

mike-sanders.jpgStrongman Canada has new headquarters. The organization recently announced it's moving its base from Moncton New Brunswick to Victoriaville, QC. The founder of the league, Francois Vanier and strongman competitor Mike Saunders tell us about the organization, and why it has decided to move.
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Swimmer's itch at Lake Mephremagog

Being outdoors and swimming in lakes is part of what the summer is all about - but you could end up with some red itchy bumps on your skin, and we're not just talking about mosquito bites... Our Townships Reporter Alison Brunette tells us what else could be irritating your skin.
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Charles Francis on what it takes to make it to the Olympic Games

charlesfrancis.JPGMissing out on your dream by 3 tenths of a second, only to make it a reality four years later. That's what is happening for swimmer Charles Francis, as he prepares to compete in his first Olympic Games this month. He tells Quebec AM's Julia Caron how he feels about his swimming career so far, and what he hopes to accomplish in the future.
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Canada's newest tennis stars

eugenie bouchard.jpgIt was a clean sweep for Canada at the Junior Finals at Wimbledon. Canada's newest tennis stars, Eugenie Bouchard and Felip Peliwo. Eugène Lapierre is Vice President of Tennis Canada and tells us how he reacted to their historic performances.
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Olympic Archer Marie-Pier Beaudet gearing up for the Games

olympicarchers.JPGMarie-Pier Beaudet is one of two archers who will be representing Canada at the Games. Beaudet lives and trains in Levis. Quebec AM's Julia Caron headed there to learn the basics from this confident two-time Olympian.

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Indian anti-asbestos activist on reopening of Jeffrey mine

Labour activists and medical professionals have been speaking out against the Quebec government's decision to provide a 58 million dollar loan guarantee to the Jeffrey mine. They maintain health risks associated with white asbestos are too great, especially once the mineral leaves Canada for countries with fewer security measures.

Anup Srivastava is a labour activist in India. He tells what the reopening of Quebec's asbestos mine means in his part of the world, and how the Quebec health minister responds to those concerns.

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French lovers at the Forum mondial de la langue francaise

French-speakers and lovers from all around the world have converged in Quebec City for the forum mondial de la langue francaise this week. Quebec Am's Julia Caron was there yesterday, and spoke with Professor Yves Frenette. He is the director of the Institute of Canadian Studies at the University of Ottawa, and tells us why he thinks speaking French in anglophone environment is a political act.
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Changes to amount of hours medical residents in Quebec can work

In an attempt to reduce medical errors and prevent burnouts, medical residents in Quebec can no longer work 24 hour shifts. Some medical professionals who work with residents think this will solve many problems, while others think it will simply cause more.

Dr. Thomas Maniatis is the Program Director for the McGill University Internal Medicine Training Program. We also hear from Dr. Charles Dussault. He is the President of the Fédération des médecins résidents du Québec. 

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Sept Iles race walker inducted into Athletics Canada Hall of Fame

guillaumeleblanc.jpgGuillaume LeBlanc is a three-time Olympian and silver medalist in race walking. Last week, he travelled to Calgary to be recognized for his athletic achievements. LeBlanc was inducted into the Athletics Canada Hall of Fame alongside four other Olympians, and tells us about this exciting event.
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