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Following the Photobooth Faithful

Long before the days of cell phone cameras, teenagers hanging out at the mall on a Saturday afternoon had another way to document their escapades: the photobooth.

You may have memories of pulling back the curtain and cramming yourself into a photobooth with a couple of friends, making goofy faces as the camera flashed four times.

Photobooths are gradually disappearing from our malls and bus stations.

But they still have a passionate following.

Quebec AM's Julia Caron counts herself among the photobooth faithful, and sought out some of the people who are keeping the medium alive.

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Meags Fitzgerald is an artist based in Halifax, posts to a website called

Three hundred of Jeff Grostern's photobooth strips are featured in a major photobooth exhibition in Europe this spring.

Also, an interesting twist: because of Julia contacting them for interviews, Meags contacted Jeff, and will be shooting a photobooth animation project in the Auto Photo warehouse this May.

Check out some photobooth strips on our Quebec AM facebook page.