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Dr. Lin: Where is the flu season of 2012?

February is typically thought of as the peak of flu season, but this year it looked more like July. According to North American monitoring groups, the 2012 flu season has been one of the slowest ever tracked. As we head into March, the virus continues to make itself scarce. Dr. Peter Lin explains.
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Quebec's Ombudsperson says Bill 46 isn't enough

When the police do something wrong, who's going to do the investigating? That's the question Quebec's Public Security Minister tries to answer with his new Bill 46. But the Ombudsman's Office says: Try again. Raymonde Saint-Germain, Quebec Ombudsperson, explains why.

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Learning English in the mostly Francophone community of Saguenay

CBC's Peter Tardif was recently Saguenay collecting stories, and was invited by teacher Jamie Kirlin along a ski trip with the students and staff of the only english elementary school in the area, Riverside Regional Elementary. Here are some of their stories.
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Curler Brenda Nicholls on Quebec's performance at the Tournament of Hearts

The Quebec curling team put up a fight at The Scotties Tournament of Hearts, and came in 4th place. Brenda Nicholls is the third for the Quebec Curling Team, and she joins us on the line from her home in Charlesbourg. She and her teammates just arrived home after coming in 4th place at the Scotties Tourmanent of Hearts in Alberta on Sunday.

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Political Panel: The ups and downs of polls

Just a few weeks ago, political analysts were sounding the death knell for the Parti Quebecois and its leader, Pauline Marois. Internal strife, high-profile defections had Cheshire grins on the faces of both the Premier Jean Charest and the leader of the CAQ, Francois Legault. A month later, the PQ is topping the polls, and Pauline Marois has risen from the ashes.

For a look at how this resurgence is affecting election timing, we hear from our political panel. Rheal Seguin is the Globe and Mail's bureau chief in Quebec City. Gilbert Lavoie is political columnist for Le Soleil.

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Accidentally breaking the law at crosswalks

IMG_3311.JPGThere's more than one way for a pedestrian to cross a city street in Quebec... but one of them is against the law, and could land you a fine of up to 30 dollars. 

Quebec AM's Glenn Wanamaker headed out to the corner of rue St. Jean and Honoré Mercier in Quebec City to ask pedestrians whether or not they walk the line when it comes to crosswalks.

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Concerns about the police presence in St. Augustin

Some people in St-Augustine have questions about the level of security in town. CBC's Marika Wheeler is back with more information on the police presence in town. 
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Ministry of Education talks about tabled anti-bullying legislation

Last Wednesday, Quebec's Minister Of Education, Line Beauchamp,
tabled anti-bullying legislation in the National Assembly. Leo Lafrance, Assistant Deputy Minister for Anglophone Services with the Education Department, responds on behalf of the Minister.
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Sept Iles McDonald's staffed by Filipino employees

Sept-Iles 012.JPGThis story originally aired on Breakaway: A labour shortage in Sept Iles has prompted the owner of the local McDonald's to look for workers overseas. The CBC's Marika Wheeler stopped by the fast food restaurant where Filipino employees are keeping the orders rolling.
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Division among Quebec students around anti-tuition hike strikes

There they go again: Quebec students protesting. But while some want to strike, others do not and they want to see tuition fees increase. We'll get the view from campus, straight from 2nd year economics/finance student Jean-François Trudelle at McGill University.

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Quebec City councillor Anne Guerette on new arena

Last week, the planned site for Quebec City's new amphitheatre project was said to be too expensive to decontaminate. This week, the mayor hired a new consultant to keep the arena project on budget.

Not promising news, says city councillor Anne Guérette. She tells us about her concerns around the planning stages of Quebec City's new arena.

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Technology making wait times feel a little shorter

We've all been there: the minutes can feel like hours when you're stuck in a windowless medical waiting room, especially when you've got serious medical concerns on your mind. We'll speak with one of the founders of a new company that aims to help you live more of your life outside of those clinic waiting rooms - without putting your health at risk.

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Dr. Lin: Why feeling thirsty means dehydration is already slowing you down

If you're feeling thirsty, dehydration may already be affecting your ability to think clearly. That's according to new research from the University of Connecticut. Our regular health columnist Dr. Lin explains.
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Giving a hoot about rehabilitating wild birds

IMG00097-20120207-1624.JPGWhat happens to an injured bald eagle or a grouded great horned owl? Many of them are brought to the doors of a specialized centre for the rehabilitation of birds of prey in St-Fulgence in Saguenay.

Quebec AM's Peter Tardif visited the centre and found out how humans take birds under their wings.

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Some Quebec surgeons accused of profiting from deliberately keeping waiting lists long

Quebec's Minister of Health Yves Bolduc has blasted the province's surgeons for deliberately keeping long waiting lists so they can justify operating on knees and hips in private clinics, where they get paid more.

Dr. Gaétan Barrette, president of the Quebec Federation of Medical Specialists of Quebec, and Dr. Louis Bellemare, president of the Quebec Orthopedic Association joined Susan to discuss these questions.

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Political Panel: does the CAQ have any clout?

The CAQ is in the Assembly, but they lost their battles for budgets and question time. We'll ask our political panel how much clout the party expects to have, if their floortime in the Assembly is next to nothing.

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Some people in St. Augustin question spending for Highway 138 extension project

IMG_0965.JPGWe continue our coverage of St-Augustine this morning. Today we address issues some people have with the way money is being spent on the bridge. Quebece's Travelling Journalist Marika Wheeler brings us some answers from Junior Minister Norm McMillan.

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Retired jet fighter pilot explains

A story we did last week about testing vehicles in cold weather prompted some listener feedback about windchill and its impact - or lack thereof - on vehicles. Dan McWilliams teaches ground school at the Aviation School in Chicoutimi. He's a retired jet fighter pilot. 

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Mesnak: First film from Aboriginal director Yves Sioui Durand

Eve Ringuette (Osalic) et Charles Buckell (Léonard) © Stefan Ivanov.JPGYves Sioui Durand is one of the leading directors of aboriginal theatre in Quebec. Now the Huron-Wendat artist is trying his hand at directing film.

His first feature film, Mesnak is the story of a young man looking for answers about his past on a First Nations reserve in northern Quebec.

Susan sits down with Yves Sioui Durand for a feature interview.

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Montreal Expo Gary "The Kid" Carter passes away at 57

The great baseball catcher, The Kid, Gary Carter, passed away yesterday at the age of 57. Beloved by Expos fans all over the country, he was inducted into the Canadian Baseball Hall of Fame in 2001. Tom Valcke, the President of the Canadian Baseball Hall of Fame joins us live on the line.

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New families forming at the 53rd International Quebec Pee Wee Hockey Tournament

The 53rd edition of the Quebec International Pee-Wee Hockey Tournament is well underway in Quebec City. The Colisee Pepsi is bustling with enthusiastic young hockey players from all around the world.

But after the games are played, the players need a place to rest their heads.

That's where Yvon and Odette Pelletier come in. They are in charge of lodging and billeting for the tournament. The Pelletiers spoke to Quebec AM's Julia Caron about the new family ties created through the pee wee tournament.

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Next, you'll meet some of the parents - both Quebec AM's Julia Caron met with Michelle Drolet, who has been billeting hockey players for the past 5 years. She's the team captain for the New York Islanders Pee Wee team.

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Josee Turmel is a first time billeter. We caught up with her and the parents of one of the players she is billeting.

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Helping new immigrants adapt to Quebec

In the wake of the guilty verdict handed down in the Shafia trial last month, a new effort is underway to help immigrants in Quebec City and the region better integrate.  

Teresa Bisping is one of the people involved, and tells us about that project.

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CBC's Dave Bronstetter says goodbye

dave_bronstetter.jpgHe's known for his quirky sense of humour and passion for surprises. Dave Bronstetter is retiring this weekend, and Susan Campbell got the chance to speak with him before he hung up his headphones.

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If you have your own stories and memories about Dave, you can always comment here or over at All in a Weekend.

Quebec government joining with school boards to stamp out bullying

Quebec's education minister Line Beauchamp wants to stamp out bullying, and is asking schools and school boards to take on a big part of the role.

Peter Hamilton is the director of complementary services for the Eastern Townships School Board, and tells us about what role schoolboards will play in this new legislation. 

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Resolving conflicts at Heroes Memorial Elementary

bullying.JPGThe Quebec government is set to launch new legislation against bullying this week. But at a local level, many schools are already trying to teach kids better ways to resolve conflicts. To tell us more about a program called Hero's Haven, at Heroes Memorial Elementary in Cowansville, we reached Brianna Demers. She is a sixth grade student at the school.

We'll also hear from Karen Grubb, the staff member responsible for Hero's Haven.

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School bus strike forces parents to re-arrange schedules

Thousands of students in Quebec City will have to find another way to get to their elementary and high schools as of because of a bus strike. Drivers with the Laval Bus company walked off the job at midnight. CBC's Ainslie MacLellan headed to Holland Elementary School this morning to see what kind of problems this caused for parents.
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The toll the conflict in St. Augustine is having on the community


The town of St-Augustine is divided over a transportation project.. and some people fear their community may never be the same.

Quebec's Travelling Journalist Marika Wheeler tells us how people in town are dealing with the conflict.

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Proposed changes to new mining law

With the new legislative session underway, and the Plan Nord on the horizon, the Charest government is anxious to push through major changes to Quebec's mining law. But Liberal MNA Daniel Bernard would like to make a change to the law before it goes through. Bernard says municipalities in northern mining regions should not have the same powers to block mining projects as towns and cities in the south.

To get some reaction to these proposed changes, we spoke to Dan Tolgyesi, president and CEO of the Quebec mining association, and Marcel Jolicoeur, president of the Val-d'Or chambre of commerce.

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Mazda testing cars in Matagami

Who would imagine that -42 degree windchill would be an ideal temperature? For extreme car testing, that is. Daniel Grenier, technical specialist at Mazda Canada, tells us more.
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Rouyn-Noranda, a real hockey town

From mining company's hockey teams, to producing some of the best NHLers ever, Rouyn-Noranda's ties to the sport of hockey run deep. The director of the new Rouyn Noranda exhibition centre will tell us all about why that city is a "real hockey town."

Chantal Polard, the expo centre's director and Yvon Martin, the brother of NHLer Pit Martin tell us more.

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Museum of Fine Arts dressed to the nines for latest exhibition

MNBA_Expo_Marie_Saint_Pierre.jpgIf the first image that comes to mind when you think of Quebec fashion in art history is that of a trapper or Maria Chapdelaine, you're in store for a big surprise.

The Musee National des Beaux-Arts du Quebec's is all dolled up for its first exhibition of the year. "Fashion and Appearance in Quebec Art, 1880 to 1945" takes a look at what Quebecers' fashion statements over the decades have said about who we are.

The exhibition also paired eight of Quebec's most reknown designers with works of art. Based on those paintings, they created a one of a kind garment to display alongside the works that inspired them.

Quebec AM's Julia Caron got to take a sneak peek.

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Divisive bridge project in St. Augustin

staugustine.JPGQuebec's Travelling Journalist Marika Wheeler was in St. Augustin last week. A controversial transportation project is dividing the town.

The conflict is in part over the service that will be used until the bridge is built. Marika Wheeler tells us why.

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Matoush uranium exploration project approved by federal government

Another step forward for the uranium exploration project in the Otish Mountains. Federal Environment Minister Peter Kent has given his approval for the Matoush uranium exploration project in the Otish mountain area of northwestern Quebec.

Richard Shecapio is the Chief of the Missistini Cree Nation and spoke with Quebec AM's Ainslie MacLellan.

Guy Hébert is the President of Strateco Resources, which has been working on the project for close to six years.

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Are ski helmets as safe as we think they are?

The Journal of the Canadian Medical Association is warning Canadians that our ski helmets are not nearly as effective as we think.

According to the editorial in the latest edition of the Journal, many of the most popular ski and snowboard helmets used on Canadian ski slopes provide about as much protection from brain injuries as wearing a tuque.

Barbara Sibbald is the Deputy Editor of the Journal. We also hear from Phil Dion, a pioneer of freestyle skiing who lives in Quebec City.

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Sherbrooke adopts green transport plan

The city of Sherbrooke has a simple goal: reduce the use of polluting cars, and get more people to use public transit. Or better still, to walk or ride a bike.

The challenge is how to motivate people to do it.

Over the next 10 years, the transit commission will commit to offering faster and more convenient bus service.

The city also wants to rethink its main thoroughfares, sidewalks, and bike paths.

If it works as planned, then the city should be able to cut greenhouse gas emissions by 20 per cent.

Quebec AM's Glenn Wanamaker speaks with Jacinthe Caron. She is the executive director of the Regional Environment Council for the Eastern Townships about the plan.

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Paix des Braves 10th anniversary

Politicians and Cree leaders are marking the tenth anniversary of the Paix des braves agreement.

The historic deal signed in 2002 provides billions of dollars to Cree communities in exchange for Hydro development rights.

Several hundred people gathered at the Chateau Frontenac in Quebec City last night for a symbolic re-signing of the deal.

We hear from Ted Moses, former Cree Grand Chief and former Quebec Premier Bernard Landry who signed the original Paix des braves.

As well, current Quebec Native Affairs minister Geoff Kelley gives his thoughts on what the agreement has meant for Cree communities.

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Arianna Huffington launches Le Huffington Post Quebec

Today marks the official launch of le Huffington Post Quebec. It markets itself as a serious, new online news provider in French, and the latest regional site for The Huffington Post. Its founder and President Arianna Huffington talks to Susan about this latest venture.
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Residents of Lac St. Charles fighting waterfront regulations

Residents of Lac St. Charles have lost their court battle with the City of Quebec, and, they believe, some of their rights over their own property. Peter Marcoux is a member of the residents' association. He spoke about the latest development with Quebec AM's Glenn Wanamaker.
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Barachois Legion appoints new executive committee

Madonna Tapp, the Barachois Legion's past president, tells us how the General Meeting went and why it can now keep its doors open.
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Five week work dispute at Rio Tinto Alcan in Alma

There's only silence at the bargaining table between Rio Tinto Alcan and its locked out workers in Alma. Glenn Wanamaker gives us a fresh look at the 5-week old dispute.
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Eleven people are dead following horrific crash in Ontario

Eleven people are dead following a horrific crash in Ontario, not far from Stratford. A flatbed truck hit a van carrying several migrant workers. Stan Raper is a coordinator for the United Food and Commercial Workers Canada, the food workers union and an advocate for migrant workers.
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Political Panel: Environmental concerns around Plan Nord

Questions being raised about the Liberal government's plan to designate fully 20% of the province's North as protected from development. Some are wondering how they're going to balance that goal with their Plan Nord.

To discuss those questions and more, Susan is joined by Gilbert Lavoie, political columnist with Le Soleil newspaper and Rheal Seguin, the Globe and Mail bureau chief for Quebec.

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Environment Minister Pierre Arcand on Plan Nord

Quebec is pushing ahead with plans to protect large parts of the North from development. We'll talk with the Environment Minister Pierre Arcand to find out how that will be done.
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Future of Royal Canadian Legion in Barachois up in the air

The latest public service announcement for the Royal Canadian Legion branch in Barachois read: "Last chance to keep our Branch open - All members are urged to attend." Past president Madonna Tapp explains why there's a sense of urgency.

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City File: Referendum over proposed Ilot Irving development

IMG256.jpgResidents of Quebec City's St. Jean Baptiste neighbourhood will vote this weekend to decide the fate of a controversial housing development. Ainslie MacLellan examines the impact of the Ilot Irving debate on the community.

Some of the voices we hear include Nicolas Lefebvre-Lemieux, who is with the comité populaire St. Jean Baptiste, and supports the project. The opponents of the development give their reasons as well, including some sound from this YouTube video.

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This is the first installment in our City file. If there's an issue in your community that you'd like to hear on Quebec AM's new City file, let us know. Give us a call at 1 877-691-3476, or email us at quebecam@cbc.ca.

Going to church in Bic

Susan Woodfine brings us the sounds of traditional Black American gospel music being sung in the beautiful église Sainte Cecile in Bic, not far from Rimouski. 

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Division in the Lower North Shore community of St. Augustin

St-Augustin 069.jpg

On Wednesday night, about 200 people attended a meeting with the ministry of Transportation, and others involved in this bridge construction project in St. Augustin.

CBC Quebec's Travelling Journalist Marika Wheeler was there. She brings us some of the voices from the contentious meetings.

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Conflicts between parents and young women growing up in strict households

Following the guilty verdicts in the murder of the Shafia sisters, there are lots of questions about how conflict between parents and young women are resolved in our communities. CBC's Silvet Ali brings us some of the conversations she had with many women, including young Muslim women, about growing up in a strict background.
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Quebec's got a lot of brains

Cynics may scoff, but Quebec has more brains than anywhere else in the country. Dr. Naguib Mechawar is the Director of the Douglas-Bell Canada Brain Bank and Douglas Mental Health University Institute in Montreal. He tells us where they're being kept, and why that's a benefit to the rest of us.

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Lost skates can't slow speed skater Muncef Ouardi down

A case of lost luggage wasn't enough to keep a Quebec athlete down. Speedskater Muncef Ouardi, aka The Sheik, tells Susan about his bronze medal win on old skates.
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Purchase of Lebel-sur-Quevillon paper mill

Down but never out. The small Abitibi town of Lebel-sur-Quevillon has seen tough times, but the purchase of a shuttered paper mill is a sign that its fortunes are on the upswing. We'll talk with the town's Mayor Gerald Lemoyne about yesterday's announcement.
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Dr. Lin: Accuracy of medical information online

Put your symptoms in the search bar. Coming up, we'll find out just how accurate Dr. Google is... and how effectively the Internet's medical information is policed. Dr. Lin tells us more.
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