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Léon Mugesera long legal battle may soon end

Léon Mugesera has lived in Quebec City for just about two decades. For much of that time, he's been a wanted man back in Rwanda. He stands accused of being among those who incited genocide in his birthplace. Close to one million people were slaughtered in a three-month frenzy of violence in 1994.

The core of the case against him lies in a speech he made, later re-broadcast on Rwandan radio, that's interpreted as a call for vengeance and killing of ethnic Tutsis. That evidence was brought before the Supreme Court of Canada, which ruled in 2005 that he should be expelled. He's been in legal limbo ever since.

Fannie Lafontaine teaches law at Université Laval and is a specialist in international human rights law. She's also worked in the Office of the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights. She explains some of the recent developments.  

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