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Jean-Marc Vallee's new film Cafe de Flore

The song "Cafe de Flore" by the Matthew Herbert Big Band fills the tiny apartment in Paris, late 1960s, where Jacqueline and her son Laurent, who has Down's Syndrome, live. Jacqueline has resolved to make Laurent's life a normal one, and she creates a universe where they live together happily ... until the day Laurent meets a little girl like him. And Jacqueline can't come to terms with the thought that he's moving away from their world.

The modern version of "Cafe de Flore" by Doktor Rockit is the soundtrack to a passionate love affair between a modern-day Montreal DJ named Antoine and Rose. They're happy together. But Antoine is tortured by his divorce from his soulmate, Carole. Rose wonders if Antoine will ever really be hers.

And Carole - Antoine's ex - sinks into deep despair at being left behind and alone.

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Evelyne plays Rose, who falls in love with Antoine, played by Quebec singer-songwriter Kevin Parent, in his first movie role. Susan asked what they were expecting from the singer turned actor...

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