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Cure the problem or prevent it in the first place: the debate over blue green algae

Quebec AM reporter Alison Brunette tells Susan about a trial in Lac St. Louis near La Tuque to deal with blue green algae. Researchers are using an ultrasound emitter developed by a company in Drummondville. As Alison explains, the people involved in the project hope their trial will show that ultrasound can prevent the overgrowth blue green algae otherwise known as cyanobacteria.


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But not everyone agrees that this is the best way to tackle the problem. Paul Isabelle is an industrial designer who lives on Lac Sergeant, north of Quebec City. He says we aren't doing enough to solve the problem of preventing blue green algae overgrowth in the first place. He wants more controls on the way we develop near lakes and other bodies of water.


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David Bird is a professor of biology at the Université de Québec à Montréal. He says blue green algae occurs naturally in most lakes. He says it's the overgrowth that's the problem. He questions whether eliminating all blue green algae would harm a lake in the long term.


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