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106 - Feb 13, 2017

After a bloody ambush nearly kills Agent O’Reilly – and Voss leaves Abel for dead on a Texas roadside – the mob moss returns to Mexico with Noah and a single purpose: to break the pastor’s faith and force him to accept Voss’s nihilistic view of the universe. A spiritual showdown ensues between an emotionally shattered Noah, and Voss who fears Noah’s faith as much as he despises it.

Relieved of her duties, O’Reilly and Bronco go rogue and head south of the border, recruiting a like-minded member of Mexican law enforcement to storm the Voss compound before it’s too late.

Back in Ontario, Anna’s efforts to save her home and family by turning Joey against older brother Gerry succeed only too well. After turning a blind eye, Isaac is forced to confront the truth of his parents’ illegal activities, triggering a spiritual crisis that only resolves at the moment of his baptism and Noah’s safe return from Mexico.

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