• Noah


    [ Ryan Robbins ] Noah tells himself that he’s joining the Mennonite Mob to gather enough evidence to put away the bad guys.
  • Anna


    [ Alex Paxton-Beesley ] When Noah, over his head and in need of her help, reveals to her that he’s trying to single-handedly take down the Mennonite Mob, her first response is shock and horror.
  • Eli


    [ Peter Outerbridge ] Once upon a time, Eli was a God-fearing and devout man. Then, like some modern version of Job, he lost everything that mattered to him.
  • Bronco


    [ A.J. Buckley ] Bronco has lost his way in life. His marriage, his career as a cop, his self-esteem – all hang by a thread.
  • Abel


    [ Gord Rand ] As Noah’s black sheep brother, Abel has been a constant disgrace for Noah and his family.
  • Joey


    [ Dylan Taylor ] As Gerry’s younger, much bigger brother, Joey functions as the enforcer for the Ontario operation.  But Joey is more than just muscle.