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The Good Germany (HD) (DV)

Week two on the job for mayor Jack Mackay and the word on the street is he's thinking of stepping down. Of course that word came from his new nemesis and ex-mayor Gordon Verlaine, who's willing to do anything to get his job back.

Germany's city council is expecting a liaison from Toronto's city council so everybody is on their "best" behavior. But they are shocked to learn that the visitor comes bearing gifts - 300 garbage trucks destined for Toronto's new landfill - in Germany.

They've been 'Verlained' - Gordon forged the council member's signatures to make the environmental disaster happen. This has Jack considering stepping down - but first he must foil Gordon's plans and stop the trucks from dumping.

Chris Leavins, Gord Rand, Dyan Bell, Jonathan Wilson, Jerry Schafer, Wayne Robson, Kate Trotter.

(High Definition where available) (Described Video)

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  • Comedy

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