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The Adventures of Napkin Man! (HD) (DV)

The Adventures of Napkin Man is an exciting new show about a preschool teacher, Mister Anthony (Yannick Bisson), who draws a superhero for his students named "Napkin Man!" Napkin Man springs to life from his napkin and has exciting adventures in the classroom. But he's unlike any other Superhero. Rather than using super powers to save the day, Napkin Man does so through talking, feeling and understanding. The problems that Napkin Man helps the children in the classroom cope with are not physical, they are emotional - learning how to share a favorite toy, making a new friend, or missing someone who has moved away. Napkin Man helps children better understand and manage their feelings in a funny, whimsical, and musical way.

(High Definition where available) (Described Video)

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  • Preschool

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