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MVP - The Secret Lives of Hockey Wives (HD) (DV)

MVP - The Secret Lives of Hockey Wives (HD) (DV)

In Canada, hockey is a religion. But Canada's obsession for their hockey heroes extends far beyond the actual game, because the drama off the ice is often as compelling as what happens on the ice.

MVP offers a 'glimpse through the keyhole' at the private lives of these public figures in the high-stakes world of professional hockey. But there isn't a rink to be found in MVP...all the action takes place in the boardrooms and the bedrooms, getting 'under the skin' of the vivid characters who populate the dramatic world of the Mustangs hockey team.

But it's not all about the men. The wives, daughters, girlfriends and the ubiquitous puck-bunnies, all share in the exciting ride that is MVP.

The game of hockey is intense, volatile and dramatic. But when the uniforms are folded and the sticks put away, that's when the game really gets interesting.

Starring Kristen Booth, Lucas Bryant, Deborah Odell, Natalie Krill,

Peter Miller, Dillon Casey and Anastasia Phillips.

(High Definition where available)

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  • Drama

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