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In the Spotlight

In The Spotlight is a documentary exploring social anxiety disorder (also known as social phobia), one of the most common yet under-represented mental health issues experienced by Canadians today. One in ten Canadians, and one in thirteen people worldwide suffer from an anxiety disorder, the third most common being social phobia—the intense fear of being judged and scrutinized by others. In The Spotlight focuses on the inspiring true story of Earla Dunbar, a woman who went from housebound for six years to founding and leading the largest social anxiety support group in North America and becoming a mental health advocate. Toronto-based filmmaker Katie Cooper and her camera followed Earla’s journey over six years creating a captivating and poignant story about acceptance, recovery, and giving back.

At the peak of Earla’s social phobia she was housebound for six years. Today she is challenged with unstable medication, financially supporting herself, and appearing in various media outlets as a mental health advocate. Can her passion to help others outweigh her fear of people? Participating in “In the Spotlight” was an extension to Earla’s recovery.

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