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I Married My Family's Killer

I Married My Family's Killer is Canadian filmmaker Emily Kassie's intimate look inside three inter-ethnic marriages in post-genocide Rwanda. The film explores the complicated relationships of individuals struggling to deal with genocide in the most intimate circumstances and is the first piece of research on intermarriage post-genocide.

Beatrice and Purudenci were childhood sweethearts. They planned to wed. The only problem was, it was 1994 in Rwanda, and Beatrice was being hunted. To make matters worse, Purudenci's family were the hunters. This film documents the lives of Beatrice and Purudenci and two other couples that married from both Rwandan ethnic conflict. In two of the cases, spouses married into the families that killed their own loved ones.

The trauma and pain these couples experience is exceptional, and so is the power and resilience of their love for one another. Kassie has crafted a profound look inside a society that is attempting to heal itself, and in the case of these marriages, by harnessing love.

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